Wish chest, nice idea but... only for whales?

Today I was surprised when I saw the new wish chest, I think it’s a good idea, because since we have soooo many characters it’s near impossible to get mats for the character you want in any other chest, rng you know…, and although the odds are low (come on, only 2% for the newer characters, which are obviously the ones that will be choosen the most by far?) it’s nice to be able to upgrade the odds of getting the wished character (even if it’s little by little) but… it’s the same issue as always: “prices”, 1000 GEMS FOR 1 CHEST??? really? I’ve hardly ever saved few more than 1000 gems (and I don’t spend them often and if I do I don’t spend much, just during events which rewards spending them… btw, the events have become impossible to complete as a f2p, I haven’t got the 1million rewards or even the half million rewards for many months…) not to mention 10000 gems for a x10 roll… for a F2P player it’s near impossible to save so many gems, it’d take many months just for 1 x10 roll… I would cut a “0” from the prices at least, so we can roll sometimes, because it’s not worth it rolling 1 by 1 since you can get many things other than the character and it’s quite better to roll the x10 with the % increased, but it’s impossible to pay that…


Veramente molto bello sto aggiornamento💪molto carino quella cassa dei desideri ma anche aggiunta della fata madrina come personaggio

Not even for whales as whales already have everything the wish crates can offer. Should be 100 each and a 1000 for 10.


I’m in top guild in server 1, trust me even the whales are avoiding the hell out of this BS. These crates are ridiculously overpriced. I highly recommend taking your 10 free crates and running FAR FAR away from these crates as they are at the moment


I see more whales quitting and not spending anymore because of it actually. For maybe 1 whale that does spend, five are not. They really are tired of game costs even with spending to a point they don’t want to spend anymore Becuase what’s the point when going to be rushed to do it again following month. Most are angry at it from those I talk to.


Sorry but according to trustworthy and honest pb is what you say not the case, all players including whales are very happy, spending money on these amazing deals that so underpriced it’s sad.

Sarcasm aside many on my server call the prices compared to what you get a scam, they feel like pb is scamming them.

I saw 3 posting about leaving over this and yellow battle badge saying pb was to greedy and one big scam.

Not sure when pb will listen to the players but I hope it’s soon.


More people are leaving this game everyday to the point that top guilds are having to merge and disband in my server (21). This has been due in part to the opening of the new servers but also to the overpriced deals we receive. Even though I’ve gotten used to the prices, my jaw still dropped seeing the cost. 10k diamonds… for the chance? Lmao, I’d love to see the laws get more strict with loot box gambling because this is downright obnoxious.

I’m no whale but I would assume that I’ve spent more than the average player and in the end I just feel like I wish I would’ve never started… our server is dying and the inevitable merger with 22 is only going to delay it.

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