World Lion Day!

To me, that actually looks more like Simba than Mufasa. I think it’s the narrower muzzle.

Yeah I think one website said it’s simba but I wanted to make the joke of Simba being replaced

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@TherMasterStitch, so instead of Scar, Simba will fight Stitch. And Stitch will fall on the cliff and will be eaten by the hyenas? lol

Haha Stitch is too smart and strong for Simba! Stitch can think faster than a supercomputer, is bullet proof, fire proof, and can see in the dark! Simba would never want to fight Stitch since he knows he’d lose!
See how scared Simba is? He wouldn’t stand a chance…

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Rafiki even thinks Stitch is better!

He’s just mistaken.

Yeah Simba would make a mistake fighting Stitch! And I’m not lion (lying)! :laughing:

Simba’s roar echoes within the forum’s boundary.

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Stitch has a better roar! Stitch would leave Simba injured and in stitches!

Ok I’m done. But seriously, let’s save the lions and many other animals!

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Uh oh, Simba has some competition from Stitch!

@NCTzen_Haechan how many lions are left in the wild?

Around 23,000.

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We need to raise those numbers!

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Love lions!

Scar must be so annoyed. He told Simba to run away and he came back.
Now Scar went to a new city, that was free of Simba and now Simba is coming as well.
Can’t scar just catch a break?

What’s a lion’s favorite Taylor Swift song?
“I Knew You Were Trouble” because she mentions lions in here lyrics:
“And now I’m lion on the cold hard ground!”

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I like lions. Save lions.

Are they endangered?

Many species are endangered, yes.

But luckily they’re only vulnerable which is better than endangered (but still not good)!

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