Worst heros in the game

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This is a very subjective list.

  1. GMN aren’t used for their damage. Their insane damage reduction and quick healing makes it hard to take them out quickly.
  2. Jack-Jack’s damage output isn’t that bad. He is mainly just really fragile and has awful friendship disks.
  3. Madam Mim isn’t completely useless. She is a beast in Invasion and even in PVP she has her uses.
  4. Simba and Nala just don’t really excel in any area. They have rather decent damage but they are mainly just too random for synergy.
  5. Gaston is great for keeping whole teams disabled and his invincibility makes him good for preventing quick fight bonuses.

There are plenty of worse heroes in the game: Yax, Frozone, Judy, Woody, etc.


I think a hero that is worse than Yax, Frozone, Judy, and woody would be Basil.

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Debateable, I’ve been building his red for a freeze comp and it’s been promising so far.

No mention of Ralph or Moana?

That’s a fair point. I guess without his red skill the point still stands.

Ngl, I forgot he existed.

I wouldn’t consider her to be as bad as the likes of Ralph, Judy and Yax.

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Inhales deeply


Moana is actually a good hero, pair her up with heroes who increase speed and shield, Moana can spam shields on herself and allies (Mickey Disk), but not as good as Shang.

I’d like to add, according to @Kimtastic (who does very well competitively, from what I can tell) he’s actually pretty good at high red ranks. :man_shrugging:


Ralph be like, “ouch.”

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Subjective indeed; I wouldn’t argue with most of your comment, but I do want to add some input:

Simba & Nala seem to be just OK at best in the rest of the game, but they’re shockingly good at Heist, with a healthy mix of normal and fantastic damage and good energy regeneration.

Judy gets mentioned in almost every “worst hero” discussion, but she still wins battles for me that I otherwise struggle with, especially now that she has a red skill. And I’m not the only one who thinks she’s a viable (though not top-tier) hero; Emitz lists her as A-tier, ahead of a fair number of other heroes in the game, including seven other support heroes.

Woody is still situationally useful, although those situations (facing an enemy team with a vulnerable-but-key rearmost hero and no way to interrupt Woody(Je)'s opening lasso) are (1) becoming less frequent with each passing month and (2) frequently better handled by Mulan nowadays.

A few other contenders for “worst hero”, IMHO, are Ralph, Calhoun, Vanellope (does PerBlue dislike those movies or something?), Mike, Genie, Aladdin, and possibly Maui and Rex, although for those two, their red skills may be good enough to lift them out of the bottom ranks.


i know,but many people debate about many heroes on that tier list wrongly placed.

@Kimtastic would debate on that.
i have seen superb results of vaneloppe in pvp arena.
@Nghiantt have van red skill maxed and he somehow manages to defeat mulan teams with his van.

her red skill is so mind blowing if you dont have it at maxed,try hiring it.
It is then so superb. and if not maxed,also then maybe it can destroy high level bots[just a possibility]

i would say every hero in good but there are some conditions.


I’d question some of the rankings myself; my intention in citing it wasn’t to claim that it proved I’m right, but to show I’m not alone in thinking Judy is decent.

This I’ll agree with; nearly every hero is useful in some situation or game mode, and even those who aren’t very good at anything can be made good with the correct mods.


that is very correct thing and very important. anyone if modded with best possibility results towards best outcome.
e.g: nick - he is so OP after modded with purple skills
hiro : good sp if given blue skill mods and
many more, just ppl need to figure it out

I’m not sure if you were ok when you made this list. Including one of the best tanks in the game, a charector who is extremely hard to kill.

It’s ralph, judy, nick, moui, rex imo

My Van’s red skill not maxed anymore but in guild defense, she somehow survived lots of attacks.
U wanna see Mike in action?? Crazy damage and stun!!!


i knew it , you were gonna show ur beta heroes :wink:
thats why also i @ed you in this thread earlier, anyway cool job matey

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The only bad characters, Imo, are:

  • Ralph, because he’s extremely outclassed in everything
  • D&B, mediocre damage and nothing else
  • Merida, extremely fragile and mediocre damage. Freeze is good but really outclassed
  • S&N, they just don’t work
  • Gonzo, doesn’t work either
  • Aladdin, maybe the worst in game. He’s just pathetic now
  • Moana and Beast, debatable, but they don’t have any synergy and their damage is mediocre now. Also they have way too many counters for them to be good

I may be missing someone, but not sure


Definitely not.

Thx mate!! So far the only weak I admited is Ralph. Even at max Red skill, he cannot be used in any situation. He needs a refresh!!!

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Inhales deeply


D&B are great, especially with the challenger rule: all enemies start out scared. They can literally use Laser Eyes and one-shot everyone. As for Moana, same as I said in an earlier post.

The beast is not a bad character.

Everything else I agree with

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