WTF that Shank?

Damage Duke’s skill: 32k
He attacks shank, damage= 0

Damage Duke’s skill: 20k
He attacks Shank, damage=400.
(Both normal attack)

Where is logic of game?
How to complete this hell campaign???
Why Shank? WHY?!


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I assume this is regarding Duke with Woody friendship campaign?
I’ve made like 3 thread about this. No responses. So just keep your heroes up.
PB wants you to get all skills, lv, badges all maxxed for all 5 heroes to get this disk apparently.
Well at least in my server… haha

Yes! Duke x Woody friendship campaign

I don’t can understand: 21k damage hits 400, and 32k hits 0.

Jack jack is needed to kill shank as his fantastic damage is only thing that makes a dent

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