Yellow Invasion damage dealers (S19)

I guess I’m still quite inexperienced since no one is asking about this recently, but what’s a recommended damage dealer for server 19?

Attached are my toon list, I’ve developed most of the toons available somewhat so I don’t think I’m missing a critical one. I’ve got finnick who I’ve only just learned how amazing his Slow is, Bogo to tank (even better than Goofy, realised this pretty late), Sully to heal, Nick for damage…I just can’t think of a good 5th member to really make them shine.

Right now I’ve reached a deadlock where I can keep everyone healthy and the mama bot practically frozen, but my main damage dealer Nick cycles too slowly to kill it so I end up timing out at about 40% HP. I’ve tried Judy & Miguel for buffs then Moana for damage but it doesn’t seem to make a difference…

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My team is similar to yours, but I use Jack Sparrow (not sure if available on s19) and Hector Barbosa (instead of bogo and sulley). Jack is able to tank and dealing damage, Hector has a a great damage too. Even more than Jack sometimes. Also if you’re aiming for higher ranks in invasion, the best tip I can give you is to have a guild with the 10% rule. If you are hitting everyone’s bit for 10% you’ll climb way faster, and more people will.


I’m not really sure who are available in your server and who are not. But as I can see, you have Barbossa and trust me, his slow is amazing, no less than Finnick :slight_smile: I use him since the introduction of Invasion and as of now, he works wonder :slight_smile:

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Well you got Moana and Mike

I’d replace Bogo with Mike and Nick with Moana

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Nick is amazing in Invasion cause he keeps his lemming between fights until he dies

I actually used Moana for a while before changed her for Anger. If you check the damage done by your team, you will see that she doesn’t deal much damage

If you use Moana, Mickey disc will be better cause she will shield another ally and grant them her speed


Wow thanks for the quick replies! A lot of interesting info here!
I’ve never heard of the 10% rule but now you’ve said it I can see what you mean…my guild doesn’t do it and I don’t really blame them cos I’m not that into that much micro-managing but it’s definitely good to know: I’ve also noticed how assisting and being assisted regularly seems to be very efficient at scoring.

Hector and Jack have only just been introduced in the last update - I was super lucky to unlock the former through a crate at 3* while jack is only recently unlocked at 1* so he won’t be helping much…but I’ll give Mike, Hector and Moana a try! Thanks!

Thanks - indeed, Moana even after spamming her white doesn’t really do much for me next to Finnick and Nick, and unfortunately my server doesn’t have Anger and Mickey just yet…

I used Moana to help shield Sulley as he used to die really fast. But because he was refreshed and is okay now, I dont need her anymore

If you have Jack Skellington, you could use him too. He will scare enemies, help Sulley earn Skill Power, Armor and heal allies in case Sulley can’t/doesn’t do it

FYI, my team for Yellow invasion right now is: Sulley, Nick, Barbossa, Jack Skellington and Anger. I focused on Anger but I dont think he is that good for Invasion :frowning: I think I will change Anger with The Beat when I have enough resource

P/s: Mickey is the best healer for Red Invasion so if you could, focus on him when he comes to your server

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Out of the heroes in the yellow team, these would be the best

  • Mike, he scares his enemies and deals great fantastic damage for a little guy. I’d pair him up with Sulley, Jack Skellington, Tia Dalma, and Sally
  • Moana, she has great potential and stops at nothing when “Oceanic Shield” is activated, which grants her a shield that grants her attack speed
  • Miguel, he is a probably the best healer in your server as he is constantly healing his allies, but I wouldn’t use his active, as it resets his healing
  • Barbossa, his slows are amazing and he also burns enemies with his basic attack. With his increased attack speed, Barbossa can become a monster
  • Jack Sparrow, he has high basic damage and can deal high damage, especially with “Avast!”
  • Jack Skellington, another top scarer, he scares his enemies and stuns them with his active. He is a great scarer for he heals his allies whenever they attack a scared enemy

This is the yellow team that I use (I don’t know if Gaston is available on your server).

It works pretty well


We tried jack sparrow does nothing against higher bots at all. Beast is useless best team we have used is anger sulley barbosa Jack skellington and miguel although with the bots being messed up this time he was bad.

@Harry_Kane I am talking about heroes available in Server 19

Thanks for all your help!

Tried Barb & looked at Skellington’s kit - definitely seeing potential there. Pity they’re still quite undeveloped in my team for this invasion but will start building them up for the next one… Thanks so much for everyone’s advice!


Server 19 got a bad deal on heroes then lol

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Is mickey on your server? If so then Moana equipped with Mickey disk combined with barbossa wearing stitch disk is a brutal combo to destroy bots.

Barbossa’s natural Attack speed increase added to moana sharing her white skill shield with him (thanks to Mickey disk) makes him very fast and allows him to very easily cripple the boss with chains. Add a slow power to increase the pain.

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Mickey is not on Server 19

I don’t think it will be long until he is released though since he’s been on all the other servers for so long.

Good point. Will keep an eye out, and also Barb-Stitch’s disc now that it’s mentioned. Still gonna take awhile as we’ve only just broached the lvl 80 cap and several of the newer discs require levels 80+ to start.
I don’t mind the smaller selection in S19, the horde of toons to build seems more manageable that way :slightly_smiling_face:. Looks like there’s still a long way to go though…

This is my lineup for yellow invasion: Sulley woody disk for tank and heal, nick judy disk is dd, finnick judy disk for slow, anger zurg disk for speed buff, and barbossa stich disk for dd and super slow. You can replace anger with miguel jessie disk if your server doesn’t have anger yet.
The strategy is to time barbossa white skill when the field is clean from the mobs, use sulley and nick white skill to clear the mobs, never use finnick, anger, or miguel white skill. You can use anger white skill as backup if you time sulley skill wrong to clean the mobs. You don’t need to spam nick white skill because the animation take to long and you lose dps from others, nick got his damage from green skill shuriken pops

Yellow Invasion is back again! Was only about to get Miguel and Barb into semi-decent state but something’s not right…Barb isn’t able to deal much damage because for some reason the bot keeps throwing out minions…I almost always have 2 waves on the ground at any time even with Nick doing his best to clear them. At level 50 currently, Sulley is my main damage dealer which is not going to be sustainable.
I can tank ok it seems, but I need much more CC and damage. Current team is Sulley, Miguel, Barb, Nick, Moana, Mike, Bogo - more than 5 as I’m still alternating them in and out to find a good selection.

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