Yellow rank

So here we go we already know that xp drinks will be required for battle badges. I for one don’t have enough. And I know alot of others don’t. So now comes a new yellow badge considering red were 20k odd at r19 sounds like this could be 25 30k a badge. Sorry but this is getting ridiculous now. The world’s been in a global pandemic. No ones saying you don’t need to make money but this is to much 1 mil plus disk.power alone for 1 new hero can only get around 800k in a 17.99 deal. Things just are not balanced. I really think you need to either look at decreasing all chapters to an acceptable level or offer much better deals to compensate. When we had stackable deals it was not as bad some great value. Now nothing for the long supporting players. Dont you think this is a massive kick in the teeth to the players that supported this game!!!


The 1M disk power needed and bad deals part I agree with that. The contest rewards are good if you look in one way but they have become way too costly. Nearly impossible to get 1% without spending. Stamina required is stupid. It takes same amount to get from Orange 0 to 8 and Red 0 to 10 huh. Yellow rank = what?(nothing but increase our revenue). Just gonna get my maximus to yellow.

This is basically their answer from people buying xp drinks from the mega mart.
It is one of those “Too good to be true” moments.

We can only wonder when is the day that pb going to wake up and realize every single player won’t ever catch up with this astronomical gaps between expenses. Only hardcore spenders (by choice).

15 to 20 heroes minimum is no longer acceptable at this stage considering we got 40 promotions to go through with every single character, newest one expensier than the last on top with skills plus badges.

Just took at the newest map and tell me what you see? Good Lord! Look at all those chapters!
Keep in mind each new chapter increases 5 levels and a new promotion! Now we must add up the battle badge as well on top of it.
I believe there is nothing else to say.
Very unbalanced indeed.


Something has to change if you are going to introduce a new way to make money make it so something is more accessible. Disk power for starters should be. And stamina per badge and badge tokens required. Deals most you get 500k badge bazaar if you are lucky thats 3 ed badges by the time you find them its ridiculous

@Polaris anything you can say about this situation?

Will the battle badge replace the current badge panel?
Will we need 6 badges and a battle badge when we get to yellow rank?
Or just one battle badge?

The Battle Badge is in addition to the current 6 rank badges. The Battle Badge is permanent though. It won’t change as you rank up the hero.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Are the Battle Badge buffs possible to steal? If so, then it´s pointless to even build them up and use our resources :upside_down_face:

Besides I agree with most things…
Hero XP usage as a means to make them a “rare resource” again,
Disk Power needed 1M to Max (well, I would not mind if you gave us released characters x maxed disk amount of Disk Power every 28 days),
Mod Power being essentially an ego thing in oldest server, because 60k skill power from a maxed +11 mod matters in S21-24, but hardly in S1-5 where a maxed disk gives 1.1M of it! Same with Basic Damage or HP.
Red Skills needing 1200+ Hero Chips to get to max level, which is over twice of what 1* to 6* promotion is!
OLD DISKS being useless to level up, since they give niche boosts (for example compare Nick (Ju), Dash (Vi), Barbossa (Ti) and many many others to Wasabi (Sy), Mr.Big (Ba), Rocketeer (Ki), basically ANY 2021 HERO)
Badges being too costly due to how they are built (@Polaris We have finished categorizing Red Badges, Orange Plans, Orange Bits (well, half, most needed), Purple Bits, Purple Plans and White-Green-Blue… and OH BOI, IT´S COMPLICATED SOMETHING…)
(Btw, I can send a link to that badge list if dev team wants it, it´s quite instructive :slight_smile: And you can find out what to do next about it. Or even help, if you want, though it should be completed after the Easter holidays.)

EDIT: Why was this flagged? I asked about the Battle Badge buffs in the beginning, which is related to Yellow Rank :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
And the rest was offering something to the devs and pointing up what was associated with the original post = lack of resources.


@Polaris will there be a new yellow xp bottle?

why was numi flagged? No reason to flag him?

It did use language before, but it has since been edited out. The post would have had the same message without language so…

Yes figured h**l and c**p were auto-flag. :joy:

The contest rewards suck and have for a very long time…I guess they’re good if you are new but they design their contests to make people spend money and you get crap rewards in return. They used to give MUCH better stuff and.much more and now it’s the same crap every week. The only thing that changes is the hero chips.


I disagree to an extent. There were contests with much better rewards, same way as there were ones with much lower rewards.

Well I actually meant the contest rewards are good only when you get “1st” for exclusive hero’s chips. Otherwise they are useless.Same contests repeat week after week aswell. FTN, badge bit collector, same thing(spend money but stamina)

Why does it say level 1/1 if it won’t change? Also will we have to enhance it every time there’s an increase?

Level increases after every cap rise.
With Y1 it will be level 2 at max.

Yes, as apparently players has too much XP drinks.

I’m what some consider a “whale” and even I’ve stopped enhancing. It is currently costing 4k of the Ultra XP drink for one hero, imagine doing that for 150 heroes. All they’re doing is creating an even bigger divide between f2p players and p2w.


Agreed. Or they are trying to burn out the huge stocks of the big Xp drinks people have.
Before the update someone here posted a screen showing over 200k of the big xp drinks asking to make them sellable.

My guess is there were a lot of people with a crazy stock of them that couldn’t be used.

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