Yellow Team Strategy

The Yax conversation got me thinking and I’m going to start a new thread.

What do people think of as the best Yellow team? (Will do the other ones too, separately)

As a F2P player (with small spend) I am currently running: Level Hero (Friend Disk)
112 Gaston (Calhoun)
112 Sulley (Ralph)
112 Yax (Finnik)
112 Moana (Merida)
112 Maleficent (Ursula)


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This team is trash & has next to no synergy…


I’m all for constructive criticism. You think you might want to…I don’t know… be helpful? Maybe?


I have no idea what is best. I simply use my 5 best yellow characters since anyone else is way too weak to be useful even if they are better characters. A character with 40k power is almost always better than a 20k power character.

FWIW, my top 5 yellow guys are Moana, Sulley, Maleficent, Merlin, and Barbossa. Barbossa (Tia disk) helps Moana crit more at the start which gives Merlin power, so there’s at least a little synergy.

Alrighty, here we go. (WARNING: LONG)

If you really intend to use Yax, then I suggest you use Frozone’s disk instead of Finnick’s. This boosts your team’s basic damage every time you use Yax’s healing, which Gaston and Moana will GREATLY benefit from. However, if you could, you really should be using Miguel instead. Miguel has superior healing in every situation (especially with Jessie’s disk), and provides Energy and stuns (again, Gaston loves this).

If you really want to use Sulley, then you ought to use Woody’s disk instead of Ralph’s. Sulley can provide some clutch healing that everyone appreciates while also increasing Skill Power, giving Sulley even greater damage output. Still, the farther you go, the less useful Sulley becomes in the long run. I highly suggest you look into replacing him with Chief Bogo if you can. Bogo is by far Team Yellow’s absolute best Tank at the moment.

Of course, there’s Moana. While it’s true that Merida’s disk is very good, it’s actually Mickey’s disk that’s better for Invasion. Not only will she be able to shield one of her teammates, that teammate will also get the absurd speed boost that comes with the shield. Get it, use it, love it, and watch Moana and her teammate destroy things at the speed of sound.

And then there’s Gaston and Maleficent. They are otherwise very strong characters, but I would suggest that you look into possibly replacing them with others if you can. The problem with Gaston and Maleficent is that they tend to struggle greatly when faced with anti-disable wards, which cripples their skillets. The following characters can replace them because they don’t struggle very much even without the use of disable moves.

For Gaston:

  • Finnick: Finnick’s slows are unaffected by wards and his van causes pushbacks, peeling off annoying characters like Darkwing.

  • Jack Sparrow: Avast is almost a guaranteed victory and hurts bosses tremendously.

  • Robin Hood: Still causes high damage even if he loses his stun, and even helps by healing a teammate.

For Maleficent:

  • Jack Skellington: Scares help heal the team and is still useful even without stuns and becomes even better with Hatter’s disk.

  • Merlin: Medieval Muddle does even more ridiculous damage than Maleficent’s Dragon Fire especially against bosses. MUST play on manual, otherwise his Squirrel transformation is useless against bosses.

  • Nick: Classic king of City Watch has rising power with his lemmings and is just as overwhelming in Invasion as well.

Sorry that this was very, very long, but this is how I can help. Of course, please take into consideration your situation as well. I don’t expect you can easily build up more characters because you’re F2P, and I also don’t expect your server having the newer heroes like Merlin available to you. Just do whatever you can with whatever you have and just HAVE FUN!


Sorry bro, there is nothing I can say that would be helpful in this sitaution other than what I have already said. This team is so garbage that it works nowhere except maybe City Watch on normal mode. But that would be a massive waste of resources considering you could make much better teams.

Moana, Skelly, Nick, Barbosa, Gaston/Robin.

Moana tanks, heals herself, DPSes, and she doesn’t die.

Skelly heals team and provides direct fantastic damage.

Nick gets the lemmings and charm going.

Barbosa adds study and self-heals.

Gaston and Robin are both extra damage. Robin has ability to further heal team, and team should be protected against most things thanks to Moana absorbing all damage up front. Gaston offers the revive and stun/charm combo. I find myself preferring Robin.

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O. Still new at this and tring to figure out all the strategies

My yellow invasion team is usually something like Jack[Ba], Finnick[Ju], Moana[Mi], Nick[Ju], Miguel[Je].

Jack has great sustainability vs. the bots thanks to healing from his disk, and can protect the rest of your team provided you keep using his active skill. He doesn’t do a lot of damage to the bot, though - but does a lot in Breaker quests.

Finnick. Weehee. +++damage to slowed enemies. What boost do we get the most of in invasion? Slow. Use it and see things die.

Moana’s disk allows her to shield and buff the ‘weakest’ ally - who that is might change, it’s often Miguel, but could end up being any of them. It’s great.

Nick has the LEMMING POWAH and combined with Finnick’s buff will shred most breaker quests, and do a good chunk to the mama bots. Don’t let him die though, or you’ll need to charge him back up to 5 lemmings. His disk gives a handy shield to Jack to help him survive the initial hit from the mama bot at higher levels.

Miguel is the best healer in the game & provides handy support too. Play on manual and don’t use his skill for maximum healing! His disk boosts what he’s already great at, which is healing, it gives more healing, all the healing, every healing, heal moreeee

Other useful yellow heroes include:

Judy[Fe] - gives a nice extra boost each time you knock out a creep vs. the bot. I find Moana[Mi] to do a similar job better (and deal more damage), but Judy certainly has merit.

Barbossa[ED] - As one of the best single-target damagers in the game, Barbossa can do a lot of damage to the mama bot - if he can hit her. He targets the front line, so when she chucks out creeps he’s rendered ineffective. He can also slow and provide study, both useful things to have.

Bogo[Mr] - Because Jack doesn’t do a lot of damage to the mama bot, another option for even better sustain is to use Bogo. He’ll soak up the bots death rays for the entire battle, not allowing her to get into your back line. I prefer Jack for his usefulness in Breaker quests when there’s a strong anti-Nick ward in play.

I don’t recommend:

Sulley - don’t be tempted by him. Miguel offers better healing, and scare in invasion isn’t that useful since heroes’ crit ratings get bumped anyway.

Tia - no need.

Maleficent - too squishy to take any sort of hit in breaker quests, and we already have a ton of fantastic damage with Nick.

Yax - If you don’t have Miguel (or Sulley, for that matter), use Yax. Otherwise, don’t.

Don’t know / don’t have:

Robin Hood

For Invasion Yellow team, I use: Sulley (Woody), Nick (Judy), Jack Skellington (Mad Hatter), Moana (Mickey) and Barbossa (Stitch)

Barbossa slows bosses down, help his team and especially Sulley survive and do more damage to bosses

Moana shield her weakest ally, most of the time is Sulley

Jack Skellington scares enemies, helps Sulley gain more skill power, therefore do more damage

Nick, well, you know already :slight_smile:

Because Sulley easily dies (thank to his lack of armor), I focus on keeping him alive. He acts like a Tank and a healer for me,. Until now, I have no trouble in Invasion and Yellow week are my strongest one out of three :slight_smile:

I smell pointless anger.

Wall e is red…

A fun synergy that I discovered in yellow invasion boss fights is Moana(mickey), barbossa(stitch).
If either of them start with full energy then the boss is severely weakened until she spawns her first wave of creeps due to barbossa’s chains. Add a cherry on top with a slow enemies power up and she is rendered completely helpless for the first 20 seconds.

ah yeah, not sure how he snuck in there xD edited

Well I use Moana nearly all the time and sometimes use Sulley. I like the team. Some people just wanna cook up drama because they crave attention since they get none in real life.

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Bogo (Mr I disk) - tanked my breaker quests.
Jack Sparrow (5* Barbossa disk) - tanked mama bots and wrecked everything with his white skill.
Moana (no disk yet) - swapped for bogo as extra normal damage and backup tank for bots.
Anger (no disk yet) - swapped in at o2 3* during last invasion to kill the normal immune creeps.
Robin Hood (didn’t have disk) - great normal damage and backup heal for Jack at the later portion of the mama bots.
Barbossa (tia disk) - shouldn’t have to explain, but study is super effective with this comp/color.

I was able to clear L170 bosses with Jack surviving until the last 5-10 seconds depending on rng. He was able to dodge pretty consistently (it’s when the melee creeps spawned that he really took a hit) and constantly proc his white skill to heal back to full after each bot hit. Barbossa did the most damage consistently, followed by Jack, then Robin Hood. Anger killed the normal immune creep within a couple seconds, and Robin’s white skill always hit the bot. I may replace Moana next time around, most likely with Merlin now that I’ve gotten his disk and upgraded it (currently 3*, almost 4). I used Merlin a lot during breaker quests too cause he’s one of my maxed heroes (other than disk). May work on Miguel a little if I run into trouble next time around, but haven’t needed a healer for red or yellow so far yet while scoring well passed max tier.

Obviously server has a lot to do with hero availability and gear level, but this was all with heroes at ~110 o2-3 on s8 and less than optimal powering up since I experimented a bit and Anger was a late addition.

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As I’ve read through this I’ve made the following tweaks…

My five for Invasion are now:
Miguel, Gaston, Sulley, Moana, and Nick.

I am going to swap out Sulley for either Jack Sparrow or Bogo. Sully didn’t fare well last week and I revived him more than anyone else. I’m leaning towards Jack because in another thread, Bogo wasn’t considered very highly. I think he was considered mid-tier? I can’t find the thread. I’ll post a link if I can.

I’ve switched disks where suggested as well.

I’m still questioning whether to replace Gaston and if so, with who. Gaston is one who in effect, brings “a sixth hero” to the party. It gives him a longer life and has 8 seconds of invulnerability. If he doesn’t get halted, he can do some serious damage during that time. But old love to hear thoughts on why it may be better to replace him

@Dread_Pirate_Doc obviously the team that I use might not be suitable for you and will depend massively on how well levelled your own characters are but for the yellow team I stick solidly to:

Sulley (Woody disc)
Nick (Judy disc)
Gaston (Calhoun disc)
Miguel (Jessie disc)
Barbossa (Stitch disc)

It absolutely smashes through the breaker quests and the bosses (so long as you time your attacks right and make sure Nick’s lemmings hit multiple enemies as soon as the boss has summoned them.

To give you some idea of how effective this team can be, in the invasion which recently finished I hit max tier in 2 days and ended up ranked 14th in challenger. The next best in my guild was 35th in challenger and scored fewer than half my total points.

Do you find that your Invasion team works for trials as well? Or do you need to tweak? Nick doesn’t seem as well suited…

Honestly I couldn’t tell you. It’s been that long since I actually did the trials (I unlocked the hardest difficulty as soon as it released and have been raiding it ever since).
No reason why Nick won’t work for it though. If you manage to fire off his special enough to really power it up (paired with Sulley scaring) he can do some serious damage. And his charm is great, as is his shielding ability with a high starred disc

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