Zazu Concept

Okay, please stop fighting. Soul, we are giving you a feedback on your concept, not abusing it.

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Yeah, And i met SpongeBob yesterday…

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If you were nice to me I would

You don’t believe me? That’s fair, but idc,I know it’s true,I don’t care if you don’t think it’s true

All I have gotten is negative feedback,I’m just dealing with more bullies then I want to, I was shoved in a locker today,how’d u think I feel

Technically he can edit the concept to add the bio, quote, and disks. After all those are added, the submission will count.


You don’t even know how to be nice.

And you do?

I feel you man, but we are trying to help you, and how to make it better

Okay @WINTER-SOUL please stop arguing with others, this topic is getting out of hand .

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No,I’m not gonna stop,I hate getting treated badly,also why u asking me to stop,they are retaliating

Do you feel me though?

@Polaris please delete or close this topic.

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I do. I have a heart, which is why we’re trying to help you

I already planned on deleting it, I was gonna POST it then delete it cuz no one likes my concepts

GUYS. I’m just going to break this up…
@WINTER-SOUL, please don’t swear, there are reasons those are censored.
And also, please don’t start unnecessary drama, this whole “fight” is pointless, they’re just giving you feedback. And, sorry, but unless you add the things needed, your submission won’t count.


I don’t want it to count, I try to have fun,but I can’t even do that!

Gio has a point. Soul, please add the bio, so that way you can still be part of the competition

Why did u post it then?

If you noticed, you are having fun, but, I have to say, you broke your own fun up. They were giving you, honest, genuine feedback, but you chose not to take it…

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