Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode official game forums! We have a few guidelines we ask everyone to follow to keep this a fun and healthy community.

Have fun!
Be sensible!
Be kind!
Keep it clean!

Keep your posts respectful and polite. Use of the forums is a privilege, not a right. We will issue warnings to players who violate the forum rules. Repeated violations will result in a permanent suspension from posting. Permanently suspended players are able to read the forums, but will not longer be able to post.

Forum DMs are not an official support channel. Support issues and account questions should be sent to the support agents via the ‘Support’ button in the game. If you can’t log into the game, please use the ‘Contact Us’ button on the web FAQ.

Use the Search option (or tap the icon in the top right corner) to check for existing posts/threads on your topic before starting a new one.

Keep your posts relevant to the forum section in which you are posting. Read the description for each forum to make sure you’re posting in the right place.

If you see something that’s off-topic, inappropriate, spam, or otherwise violates our forum rules, please flag it so our moderators can take action.

No personal attacks, or anything intended to insult or belittle another person or group of people. This includes other players, PerBlue employees, and the company.

No foul, abusive, or offensive language. If a word is censored or blocked in-game, do not use it on the forums. Keep the language and topics PG.

Do not post spam or other nonsense that disrupts the forum’s formatting, functionality, or usability, including quote pyramids or “bump” posts. This includes links to cheat or scam sites, malware, fake charities, etc.

Do not necropost topics that are concluded. If you want to continue the discussion or have additional input on an old topic, that’s ok!

Do not recreate threads that have been locked or unpublished.

Do not post exploits, spoilers, or other sensitive information about the game. If you find an exploit, please report it to Support. Spoilers include anything that isn’t visible yet in the game or not yet posted on our official social media channels.

Do not use the forum to discuss a Support action, such as a silence or suspension. Use the Contact Us form to report disputes regarding staff actions so that your issue can be escalated quickly and appropriately.

While it is our policy not to delete threads, we reserve the right to edit or unpublish posts and threads which break these rules. Unpublishing a thread means that PerBlue staff can still read it.

This is a guide. Exceptions and new problems will inevitably crop up which may need to be resolved outside of the stated rules. These guidelines may be changed at any time. For substantial changes, we will post a notice.

Updated September 2020

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