1.11.0 Predictions

1.11.0 will have their patch notes of release date on the second or third week of July (I don’t know the date yet but about each three weeks is an update)


Probably more Inside Out characters (Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, Bing Bong; not all will come) might come.

Unlikely The Lion King characters might come even though their live action movie is coming that month

Probably Sword in the Stone characters (Arthur and Madame Mim) might come because Disney Emoji Blitz will be releasing these characters that month

Maybe Kim Possible will come, or she will come in August

Or any other likely Disney character(s) might be in that update

What are your thoughts on that upcoming update? I could be wrong for this prediction. Tell me in the comments.

In my opinon they will bring all of the missing emotions kim has batter chance to be added since she planned since 1.10 she could be agust sign in hero lion king is unlikley since they dont adding charthers from live action movies i dont think arthur or mim will come in 1.11 patch notes perblue seemed to hint us the focus on the charthers we will get in the summer will be from pixar so this could mean we will get mainly charthers from pixar beiseds off toy story 4 and inside out

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9th July, they need to rise caps for servers 9-12 and few others, it will be 4th week in that day for them since last increase.

I hope, Kim will be finally released.

Is it still Pixar month in July?

I domt think so but inside out charthers confirmed to come and in 1.10.2 they typed we will celebreate the summer with pixar so it could mean will get pixar charthers in july and august as well like in june

Joy is one of them

Actually Joy is the only one planned for release

They are different companies and PerBlue separate from its schedule in way.s. When Princess and the Frog characters came to Emoji Blitz and Disney Magic Kingdom, PerBlue didn’t. PerBlue has also released Moana and DMK later. Remy was added to Emoji Blitz bit he isn’t in the game. Be aware all these chaacters were released during DHBM’s existence

Same thing. The monthly updates really only set us up for the month after the month it was released in. If you mean it’ll come in the September update.