1.11.2 & 1.12 Predictions

Now that 1.11 has been announced we My as well go ahead and predict 1.11.2
Possible Hero’s-
Timon & Pumba

Notes On July 19th
Release On July 23rd


Possible Hero’s
Kim Possible

Notes On August 2nd
Release On August 6th

If you don’t know @Polaris mentioned in the 1.11 Patch Notes that

And Kim Possible is coming eventually so I hope this doesn’t get the hate @Wave9Nut s predictions get he deserves love :sunglasses::wink::ok_hand:

Kim is probably gonna be released along with simba meanwhile both timon and pumba are gonna be released alongside nala.

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Simba and Nala are a duo team

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I highly doubt it it would be weird with both of them as one character and there the same size
Say Timon and Pumba there different sizes
Same with Ducky And Bunny
And Sulley And Boo

Yeah but when you see this: “&”, it means that they are a duo team

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I mean I guess

So its could mean simba and nala and nala and timom both will be dou hetos like ducky and bunny and sulley and boo

How is this a prediction when all of it was announced already?


Prediction for when they will release

No point in these tpyes of posts if they only try to predict the release dates. Try speculating on something that isn’t announced & then you can call it a prediction.

why do these types of posts always receive hate!!! Why???

They don’t always receive hate. They receive criticism. There is a major difference.


I agree with @TheSpaghettiKing

(Someone understands me… a little)

Sometimes later this month Young simba, nala and Timon & Pumbaa

As an adult


Simba & Nala will both be young

Young simba and nala as combined characters proof.


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But for the next update I think simba and nala and Pumbaa into tomon and Sense they added joy they should add sadness