1.12.2 opinions (how do you feel about it)?

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There’s still no Kim or Jasmine


I’d like to see some heroes refreshs!!! Sad just sad:((

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Where’s our Kim
Or Jasmine



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Why didn’t they add orange skills before red its out of order so i hate that they removed the idea of adding orange skills


No Kim. No update.


Ages are like decades it’s only been like 7 months

It’s kind of stupid how they were planning to release Kim in like May, and it’s September and no word from PB. If it’s taking them that long to “finalize” her, they should’ve thought about how long it might take before making a commitment to releasing her with Goofy.

The update is ok because of the Muppets. But no Kim, Jasmine, or balancing Jafar… what happened?


Why is everyone always so hung up on Kim? I’ve wanted Mulan for ages (yes, for everyone going to post this, i KNOW there’s a strong possibility she’ll come next year when the movie comes out), but the point is i don’t post about it every update. Just let it go and enjoy the new heroes that PerBlue constantly puts out for our enjoyment.

We’re ticked about it because they said that they tried to release her with Goofy. And now it’s September. So everyone is just angry that it’s taking them so long to “finalize” her.

Why did everyone change their name to autumn something lol that should have been our patch notes

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No it was a joke did no one get it

Isn’t the next update after this one the 24th?

Difference between Kim and Mulan is that Kim has been confirmed and had been in the game’s files for MONTHS. The complete silence on her is beyond frustrating.

Jafar is hardly nerfed but they’ve removed the Yax bug that made him manageable with a wider variety of teams, so now Jafar is even MORE dominant. Terrible job. Red skills being tied to City Watch sucks. Invasion is still a massive grind that has 3 times as many breaker nodes as needed and they just need be condensed.


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Hmmmmmmmm very interesting how we know what both Gonzo and Scrooge look like in the game now