1 full year

1 year ago today is when I joined the game. This game has gone through lots of changes good and bad. But overall I still love it. The community is good. And the heroes some people and heroes are not as good. Bit lots of friendships have bin made. And in this post I will tell some of the stories I’ve had with the game.

(This may be boring :-\ )


The reason I joined the the game is to do something easy and fun while I work. When I downloaded the game I didn’t know how much I’d love it. I started in server 14, and I didn’t really know what to do. Although I did find much enjoyment in the story. I also didn’t know I would find such great friendships.

["Joining a guild."

Once I was TL 15 I was ready to help a guild. I wnt in to global asking if any guilds were recruiting. Luckily one guild was, the name was “Moonshine” (not the Frick I joined the guild not knowing what was in a guild. There was much more game. I wasn’t sure how I was ever gonna manege doing so many things.


I have bin kinda known on server 14 for my names. My first name that I ever got was “ranger Dante” I soon changed it to “Ranger danger” now let’s do a wall of text of same I had. “Sitchfluffy” “Notevnstitchbro " stitchbro” “Notevenstitch” “Iamstitchbro” Stitch" “waltdisney” “Tezza” “Notevntezzabro” “Deputy cuddles” etc etc I may like stitch. :wink:

["New guild"

“Moonshine” sadly was very inactive. So I decided to make a new guild with some of the active people from “Moonshine” I named it. “Disney” very original. !any people were joining and soon it was full. We were getting pms and pms about joining are guild. And soonsoon we were the top guild in the server. I couldn’t believe it. Sadly many people were leaving and the guild was dying

I will update this post if it gets at least 2 likes. Nomuch but just to see if people enjoyed it.

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