1 server question

Hey guys!
Why server 1 is different from others?
Will they be same one day?

Its ‘beta’ server, that’s why is different.

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I wouldn’t call it a beta server, we just started earlier during the beta phase… Now it’s just like any other servers, except we are ahead of the other servers

It’s also probably the highest populated server

The game officially open on server 2/8 some weeks ago, but server 1 is on for nearly 4 months.

That’s why the stuff is different!

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How far does the campaign mode go in server 1?

This info can be found in the recent Update 1.1 Patch Notes:

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Nope, it’s not.

We can easily judge by the contests. On S1 a guildie of mine ranked #879 is inside a 10% bracket, while #950 - inside 25%.
On S5 a guildie of mine ranked #1841 is inside 10%, #2039 - inside 25%.
That makes population of S5 at least twice bigger than S1. I guess servers 2-3 should be even bigger, since they are American.

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Didn’t know you played more than one server

Being were guild mates and all, dunno if you realized

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