Update 1.1 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 1.1

Welcome to our first global update! This release features awesome new heroes, and super-powered events celebrating the theatrical release of Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles 2. Also included are a number of smaller additions, improvements, and fixes listed in detail below.

Going forward, we plan to update the app roughly every 6 weeks. We are working on some bigger features and we hope to have the first of those ready for the 1.2 update. We also plan to have some smaller event and content updates in between app releases.

But enough about the future, we hope you enjoy update 1.1. Check out the full details below!


  • New The Incredibles Super-Charged Event: For a limited time, boost your The Incredibles heroes with extra power, plus other special events!
  • More new heroes: Kevin Flynn & Quorra from Tron: Legacy
  • New Friendships and Memory Disks
  • New attack log for the Creep Surge
  • Lots of visual polish, bug fixes, and UI improvements!

Kevin Flynn

“The thing about perfection is that it’s unknowable. It’s impossible, but it’s also right in front of us all the time.”
Kevin Flynn is a back-line support hero! Kevin Flynn’s hero chips can be found in the VIP Crate.


Power Cleanse (Fantastic Damage)
Flynn merges with the game code, cleansing negative status effects from his allies while dealing damage to all enemies.

Weakest Link (Fantastic Damage)
Flynn’s algorithm searches for the weakest character currently in combat. That character is restored health if it is an ally, or dealt damage if it is an enemy.

Data Shield
Flynn augments an ally, granting them a shield for up to 7 seconds.

Admin Privileges
Flynn attains admin access, granting him immunity from disables, and granting his allies reality.


“Flynn is teaching me about the art of the selfless. About removing oneself from the equation.”
Quorra is a front-line damage hero! Quorra’s hero chips can be found only in the Diamond Crate.


Disc Spin (Fantastic Damage)
Quorra attacks nearby enemies with her light disc and sword, dealing damage with each attack. Quorra attacks 7 times.

Light Cycle (Fantastic Damage)
At the start of combat, Quorra rides her lightbike past enemies dealing damage to each enemy. Quorra is untargetable while riding her lightbike.

Disc Ricochet (Fantastic Damage)
Quorra throws her light disc at the furthest enemy dealing damage. It then bounces, hitting up to two other enemies.

Grid Power
Each hit of “Disc Spin” does bonus damage equal to 10% of her target’s max HP.

Hero Balance and Combat Changes

  • Sulley & Boo green skill “Healing Laughter”
    • Now heals at the end of City Watch levels
    • Reduced by 10%
    • This skill is now more potent in City Watch, but re-balanced it overall
  • Jessie
    • Green skill “Sonic Yodel”
      • Now does fantastic damage
    • Blue skill “Cowgirl Boogie”
      • Now heals for 45% of damage done (down from 50%)
    • We’ve made Jessie’s damage types more diverse but also a little easier to KO
  • Violet blue skill “Shield Roll”
    • Damage has been increased by approx. 25%
    • Violet’s shielding powers are unmatched, but her damage needed an increase
  • Elastigirl purple skill “Stretch Goals”
    • Bonus Skill Power increased by 20%
    • Elastigirl’s damage needed a little buff here
  • Frozone purple skill “Frostbite”
    • Damage increased by approx. 30%
    • Frozone’s unique damage-while-frozen needed an increase for more impact in battle
  • Slows and Speed-ups
    • With more slows and speed-ups in the game, we’ve cleaned up how they stack:
      • Attack and movement speed increases are now all additive
      • Reductions are all multiplicative
      • Speed increases are calculated first, then reductions are applied
    • Example:
      • Assume a hero has a base attack speed of 100
      • Increasing that attack speed by 100% and then another 50% will result in a total attack speed 250
      • A slow of 50% would reduce it to 125
      • Another slow of 50% would further reduce it to 62.5

Hero Location Updates

  • New Heroes
    • Quorra is available only from the Diamond Crate
    • Kevin Flynn is available only from the VIP Crate
  • Existing Heroes
    • Jack Sparrow is now in the Elite Campaign
    • Buzz Lightyear is now only in the Diamond Crate (Servers 2 through 8)
  • EVE
    • Remains in the Diamond Crate for Servers 2 through 8
    • Available in the Elite Campaign for Server 1

New Content

  • New Friendships and Memory Disks
    • Kevin Flynn and Buzz
    • Kevin Flynn and Wall•E
    • Kevin Flynn and Quorra
    • Quorra and EVE
    • Quorra and Buzz
  • Added Medals for unlocking heroes 20 through 25
  • Server 1 Only
    • Team Level cap increased from 75 to 80
    • Heroes can now be promoted to Purple +3 rank
    • Chapter 10: “Park Line” is now available
      • Check out the new Park and Midway districts of the City
      • Elite Campaign features: Eve (main hero), Mr. Incredible, Fix-It Felix Jr., Chief Bogo

Surge Attack Log

  • Now you can see every attack made by every member of your guild in order!
  • Tap the info button to see the heroes involved in each attack
  • Use the dropdown menu to switch between Guild Ranks and the new Attack Log

Improvements & Updates

  • You can now translate system messages sent to your Mailbox by tapping on the revolving arrows icon (just like chat)
  • Added a daily quest for hiring a Mercenary
  • Improved sound effects for several heroes
  • You can now rerun a “spar” if you are defeated
  • Added more tooling to allow our Customer Support team to respond to issues faster and more accurately
  • Tapping on crate window while opening crates no longer closes the window
    • Previously could cause you to miss seeing the items you received
  • On City Watch results window, you now must tap continue or retry
    • Previously if you tapped near the edge of the window, it would close and you would lose the option to retry
  • Team Level Up and Black Market/Mega Mart Found windows now require you to tap to close them
    • Some players reported not seeing them as they could be closed by accident
  • Viewing detailed tooltip on Mercenaries now shows the correct hero info
  • Added more detail when tapping on enemy heroes in Coliseum hero chooser
  • Team Trials previews now show red dots on badges you need
  • Support FAQs now use app language settings (instead of device)
  • The pre-registration reward event, where new players could choose their Day 2 Hero, has ended
    • Day 2 Heroes will now be awarded randomly

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed numerous small typos in English and other supported languages
  • Fixed issue with Guild Influence for last week displaying as 0
  • Fixed a few uncommon tutorial issues
  • Fixed a few small issues with chat translation
  • Fixed issue with skill descriptions sometimes not displaying correctly
  • Fixed links to game for some push notifications
  • Fixed an issue where some users switching to Server 1 couldn’t see higher level content
  • Fixed an issue where some players could only use Wreck-It Ralph and Frozone’s skills

Adorei a prévia da atualização ,
Como não achei local para reportar um bug.
Gostaria de me expressar aqui mesmo
A um bug no Surto a caixa de ferramentas do surto está em cima da opção de menu

Por gentileza verefiquem isto.
Obrigado por trazer este jogo maravilhoso que só traz alegria

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A barra de ferramentas do surto
Fica em baixo do menu do jogo
Não tem como acessar
Por gentileza verifiquem

Love how y’all have a beta server so you can test things out before you put them in all the servers!

Love the new surge log!! Definitely will help the guild leaderships across the whole game.


Mude seu idioma para inglês que o problema se resolve, de nada…

What is the date of this update?

Just refreshed my app store, when will this be live?

Also like what I see, really love how you are also adding new game features as well as new characters & important balance changes.

The surge log is excellent! Many guilds (like ours) have the odd rogue player attacking zones 1 to 9 which is against guild rules. Now we will know who did it, this will help leaders manage their surge attacks much better.

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When are you going to add something to do with excess chips? I’m at the point where diamond crates aren’t worth it since most my characters are 5 stars so trying for crate exclusive characters is mostly worthless with their low drop rate and being 1 star.

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First, can I just say… YAAAASS! SURGE LOGS! That, alone, has made me excited for this update.
A few other things I wanna address:

  • What’s the ETA on this update?

  • Thank you for giving us formulas to work with, even if it’s only for Speed in/decreases!

  • First Server-Wide Event
    I’m sure many of us were getting antsy wondering when this would happen & I’m sure just as many will be excited for its announcement! I’m curious whether it’ll be a 2x exp event exclusively for Incredibles members? Or, more like DS-events, where we’ll be getting points & rewards based on how often we level, skill, promote these members. Can’t wait to see it.
    I do hope you put some thought into giving us a 24hr Notice or an Events Page bulletin, though.

  • Character Rebalances
    I love seeing so many of these so early on. I know you’ll have HUNDREDS of new heroes joining your roster soon, but I hope you keep up with prioritizing hero quality > quantity! (Especially in regards to these 1st gen heroes.) In that regard, will Ralph be getting a boost to his defense any time soon? I know many of us have had problems with him…

  • Tron Heroes
    I actually really appreciate this curveball. I don’t think anybody - if any - remembered them (we were all busy wanting the classics). So, kudos!

Now onto a few things not mentioned in this update:

  • Guild Crates
    I saw changes to the VIP & Diamond Crates, but when can we expect to see hero changes to the Guild Crates? Jack Jack is great, but 2-3months of him may be too much.

  • Friend Campaign
    I didn’t see any mention of this either & I’m sure the “quick fix” for this would be to level up, promote, & skill up the required heroes, but still. I felt it needed to be mentioned that certain Friend Campaign pairings are downright impossible to work with.

  • Transparency
    I’m ecstatic over this major update & now that we know we’ll be getting one every 6 weeks, I hope your team generates more of a public presence (either on the Forum, Twitter, or Facebook). I know I came to this game from DragonSoul because of my loyalty to PerBlue. I wasn’t a fan of the GameSage program, but I did love thr fact that you had moderators to communicate with your playerbase (Gree did a terrible job wearing your mantle)! We’re your sheep, shephard us!

Looking forward to what else y’all do with this game. This is a great update, keep it coming :slight_smile:


All the updates and bug fixes are appreciated but when are you going to do something about the Friend’s list. It’s really awful and badly designed to the point where you can’t see who’s who on it.

Otherwise nice work!

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Perblue usually never tells when an update will be released especially when there is a level cap raise. They might let the game know hours before but not a day before. This is my 3rd Perblue game that I’ve played and they’ll never tell players exactly when the update will be. I’m guessing the update will be tomorrow around 2 PM CST.

There wasn’t any need for them to tell us when updates dropped because PerBlue ran like clockwork. In this case, they’ve already told us updates will occur every 6 weeks. However, since this is the first … we really have no clue.

Since the patch notes are up, though, I think you’re correct that it’ll either happen this week or next!

All friend campaigns are possible currently, @Caster

@Caster Tron heroes aren’t a complete surprise. If you pay attention to the story the end of Chapter 9 mentions “light cycles ahead.” Seems like they’ve been dropping hints in campaign and friend campaign missions. Other datamined characters appear in friend campaign quest dialogue.

Ohh I see! I’m on Server 2 & we’ve only got until ch7, so I don’t think I have access to that dialogue yet (or if we do, I don’t remember. It’s been a minute)! Didn’t know the bit about hints being dropped in friend quests, though! I’ll keep a look out, thanks for that :smiley:

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Wow nice update overall!

Will the surge logs show what wave, districts, and the outcome of the attack?

When update will be available in Europe?

If you look at the Surge Log pic provided, I’m fairly certain the lefthand digit indicates Region #. Bottom indicates Wave # (and it looks like you can cycle through it). Rightmost column indicates win/loss & pushing the :information_source: will show the team used vs team fought against.

Not sure if it’ll indicate the power level.

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