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Wendy Darling.


A motherhood girl, Wendy Darling. Fry through her enemies and heals herself and her whole team. Wendy also hains stacks of “Pixie Dist”.

Basic Damage: 3674
Skill Power: 1002
Max Energy: 1000
Role: Support
Position: Back
Team Trial: Red

Entrance: Wendy Walks on the battlefield.
Defeat: Wendy gasps with fear.
Victory: Wendy Bawls withholding her dress.


White Skill: Flight switch. :sparkles:

Passive: Instead of Basic Attacking Enemies, Wendy blows a conch. Healing self and the ally with the least Hp for 9635183 HP. Each time the ally is healed, gains to stacks of “Pixie Dust”. Each stack of Pixie Dust makes Wendy and her allies heal for 17234 Hp over 16 seconds.

Active: While Wendy has a stack of “Pixie Dist”, She removes one stack of Pixie Dust for her to fly at the enemy team, When Wendy lands on the enemy team, they are dealt 162436 Fantastic Damage, Blinded for 10 seconds Knock them back and Decreasing their by 24637 armor for 11 seconds.

Green skill: Conch of silence. :facepunch:

Wendy Blows her Conch before facing it the enemy team. Enemies are dealt 321465 damage and silencing them for 13 seconds. When this happens, Wendy gains 3 stacks of “Pixie Dust”, And granting her whole team 32649 Max HP, Armor & Skill Power for the rest of the wave.

Blue Skill: Supportive Believing.

When Wendy or an ally falls below 30% of their max hp, Wendy encourages them. Increasing their Basic Damage by 35272 and their Attack & Movement Speed by 100% wave to wave. While those stats are increased, Wendy and her allies heal for 300% of their HP, Each time they deal damage to enemies. Wendy can gain 4 stacks of “Pixie Dust” when an ally’s Stat is increase.

Purple Skill: Don’t you dare.

Wendy and her allies are now immune to Knock Backs and when an enemy attempts to knock them back, they are dealt 243789 true damage over 9 seconds and Wendy and theallye healed for 53849 HP. When this happens, Wendy and allies reduce 0.5% damage from debuffed enemies. Wendy can also gain 3 stacks of “Pixie Dust”.

Red Skill: Motherhood dreams.

When Wendy or an ally receives two debuffs or more, They are cleansed, and Wendy gains 5 stacks of “Pixie Dust” and her whole team gains 5 stacks of hardy. If Wendy or a loses one stack of hardy, they heal of 453680 HP over 20 seconds. Wendy can gain 3 stacks of “Pixie Dust” if she has been healed by an ally.

additional Status:

538153 Basic Damage
4282538 Max HP
5390539: Healing from “Flight switch”.


Peter Pan - Shadow Photo. Gains two stacks of Pixie Dust when slowed.

Wendy gains 2 stacks of Pixie Dust we she is slowed.
42826: Max HP
538263: Skill Power

Kids - Crystal Flower. Heals allies when Flight switch activates. When Wendy activates “Flight switch”, allies heal for 50% of their HP.

430263 Armor to allies
4287383 Max HP To Wendy and allies

On the 17th of February, Wendy will be available in the Prize wall.

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