13 days of Disney villains

Happy early Halloween :jack_o_lantern::skull::ghost:, the Disney villains are a key part of a Disney movie, all movies have a villain except most pixar ones. This thread is to celebrate villains each day until Halloween, 13 villains and 13 days. From judge doom to scar, from Oogie to hades. This will begin tomorrow

Day 1: Judge doom

He killed Bambi’s mom and R.k maroon, this toon isn’t messing around. He created the free way but wasn’t remembered for it since he was killed for it. This freak would kill anyone who dares stand in his way, I mean he would do it to Mickey and bugs bunny since that was part of his plan. The reason I chose him is because when I first saw who framed roger rabbit he frightened me but he stuck with me, the plastic skin, the insane eyes, the high pitched voice, how could nobody forget this freak. Anyway on the evil scale I give him a 8/10, losing two points due to trying to kill Mickey, sure evil but not as evil as the other freaks.

Emoji hint: :eyes::japanese_ogre::mans_shoe:
Emoji hint solved by: none

Day 2: Shere Kahn

Truthfully I don’t care for shere Kahn but I couldn’t not count him as one of the best. He hates humans and humans hate him, he hates fire and fire hates him, tbh everything hates him because he is so evil. By mowgli simply existing shere Kahn’s plot has been put in order. On an evil scale I would call him like a 6 out of ten, due to one child being in one jungle he must kill it, look it’s not like he set fire or killed anything other than like 4 bandit log but they suck.

Emoji hint: :tiger::snake::fire:
Emoji hint Solved by: none (only a few got it but they also added in kaa so I didn’t count them)

Day 3: Bill cipher

He looks to cute to kill you say, he could hurt a fly you say, he’s just a triangle you say. Well you are wrong, this demon has slain his family, his dimension, and now he’s looking for a new dimension to destroy. He started multiple apocalypses and can’t be stopped. But he was by an old mans mind. On the evil scale I give him a 9/10, losing one point due to having a plan that was easily beaten by two children and two old men.

Emoji hint: :eye::warning::smiling_imp:
Emoji hint solved by: @Djaq_Frost

Day 4: Judge Claude frollo

Talk about evil, am I right. Frollo is a demonic judge who hated gypsys (there fore he hates leota), and one time he found this baby who was deformed and he tried to kill it, and that sums up why he is here. You know how when you see a child and you think it’s not cute you just want to drop it down a well, no because only this lunatic wanted to do that. He is probably the third evilest villain but he is forgettable. He’s that kinda guy is he walked up to you, you’d just wasn’t to attack him and never stop. On an evil scale I give him a 8/10 losing two points for trying to Make someone way, way, way outer than him love him and also trying to kill them at the same time.

Emoji hint: :fire::bell::man_judge:
Emoji hint solved by: @Merry_Toon

Day 5: Magica de spell

DuckTales 2017 brought back many classic characters including the main cast, glomgold, beagle boys, don karnage, darkwing, and many more. But one character that doesn’t get a lot of attention is magica de spell, the main villain of series one. When she was brought back imo she was the best magica. On an evil scale, a 8/10 losing two points due to being sidelined and no longer a main threat, and softening up in season 3

Emoji hint: :duck::green_circle::woman_mage:
Emoji hint solved by: @The_Nutcracker_Guardian

Day 6: Oogie boogie

It’s mr. Oogie boogie, he’s the meanest guy in town, if I were in his boogie list I would question what the heck a boogie list is. We all know him, we all love him (in my world), it’s Oogie boogie, the big grey/brown/green burlap sack. With his three klutzes of minions and his demonic casino he can kill or torture what he wants. Anyway on an evil scale, 7/10. losing 3 points due to being easily defeat able, just a pull of a string and he’s gone, just like that he’s out of the afterlife, it’s crazy he’s feared and then he’s one bug with a squeaky voice

Emoji hint::skull::cricket::mosquito:
Emoji hint solved by: @Ashketchum95

Day 7: Yzma

If she isn’t one of your favorite villains I’ll turn you into a flea, and I’ll put that flea in a box, and then I’ll put that box in another box, then I’ll mail it to my self. And when it arrives (mwa ha ha) I’ll smash it with a hammer. It’s yzma, the adviser/our first adviser in this thread. Yzma is proof of living dinosaurs and a witch with a secret lab. Yzma is definition of comedy for a Disney villain. She doesn’t enjoy kuzco (who we hate in a good way) or spinach puffs (how could she!?). On an evil scale it’s a 7/10, losing two points due to giving people a day off due to turning into a cow, and not liking kronk’s spinach puffs, (again, how could she!?!?

Emoji hint: :tada::balloon::unamused::balloon::tada:
Emoji hint solved by: @Merry_Toon

Day 8: The evil queen

You know how you ask who the fairest one of all is to a soul trapped in a mirror and you look like a hag without makeup? No, because this creep has. Because her stepdaughter is more beautiful than her she forces her to work as her maid, which we all know with some modern day movies the maid is spotted and falls in love. The freak went to the lengths of poisoning her just so she could be beautiful (if she got back to the castle watch her still not be beautiful lol). Evil scale 10/10, I just can’t with this woman’s she deserved to die and would be perfect for frollo.

Emoji hint: :apple::crown::heart:
Hint solved by: @FestiveLucas2020

Day 9: Jafar

Everyone has a least favorite villain, and I have three, 3rd is Hans, 2nd Gaston, but 1st goes to jafar. I seriously hate this guy, he comes off as a failed prototype of scar to me. He’s the worst pet owner to iago (behind Billy from gremlins) and iago even resists jafar in the sequel and other follow ups. Alright evil scale time, 7/10, this character is really hatable and his plans are awful in the sequel (just kill them, that’s it).

Emoji hint: :genie:‍♂:snake:
Solved by: @FestiveLucas2020

Day 10: Hades

He’s big, he’s bad, and he ain’t no wolf. It’s hades, the character I found the coolest and most awesome character in hercules. This guy is scar but way funnier. I’ve always thought if hades drank the potion he gave heed then would his head still be on fire? Just a thought. He’s the most likable villain, he’s charming and easy to hate yet love at the same time. Evil scale is a 8/10. He’s awesome but his plot fails, well they all do but his fails the most, and in the show he gets really annoying

Emoji hint: :point_down::point_down::fire::small_blue_diamond:
Emoji hint solved by: @Minnie_Christmas

Day 11: Ursula

Ah the little mermaid, the movie I’ve seen approximately 7 times but still fondly love, the songs, the images, the ride, the villains. Ursula is king triton’s half sister (according to my research) and was banished for some reason. The “main kings“ of Disney always banish their siblings to a poor situation and Ursula is one of them. Anyway evil scale time, 8/10, she has a garden of merpeople For a reason, but she loses two points due to not lying to Ariel, and I’m not wrong, she tells he the facts of the deal and Ariel just goes with it.

Emoji hint: :octopus::crystal_ball::shell:
Hint solved by: @FestiveLucas2020

Day 12: Scar

Well he gets an instant 10/10 on evil scale right of the bat. Scar is the brother of mufasa and the coolest lion in that movie tbh. He frames his own nephew for killing mufasa (tbh all the lions are adult other than simba and nala, how could simba have killed him, the lions are dumber than they look). Scar steals the spotlight when be prepared happens and oh is it awesome. Hundreds of hyenas bow down to him and boy do I wish that happened to me.

Emoji hint: :lion::fire::stars:
Hint solved by: @FestiveLucas2020

Before day 13 comes out I figured I would do a quick runner up to the twelve we have so far,

Runner ups (12.1 - 12.5)
12.1: Pete

Pete, the oldest recurring Disney character. He started among Alice, Oswald, Mickey, Donald, goofy, chip and dale and even characters from other companies (bugs bunny, woody woodpecker, Daffy Duck, etc). I wanted to include him since when I was really young I had dvds of old Disney shorts and among Mickey, Minnie, Donald, goofy, pluto, etc Pete was the fourth most classic, but I decided not to do him because he isn’t the most threatening if you put in front of hercules he would destroy him in 2 seconds flat.
12.2: The Sanderson sisters

Don’t let a black cat cross your path is an understatement, don’t let a Sanderson sister look at you because your better off dead is what it should be. Winifred, Mary, and sarah (my personal favorite) are the three (or are they) Sanderson sisters from the film hocus Pocus, they come back from the dead when a virgin lit the black flame candle and feed on the lives of children to be young. They are very gruesome, I didn’t include them because they were live action and would have gotten an instant 10/10 (but seeing how scar and judge doom got that treatment I should’ve just had them anyway).
12.3: Cruella de vil

I have forgotten her in eliminations and this, Cruella de vil (her name is a spoof off of cruel devil, duh) is a fashionista and pretty much has 3 emotions, joy, disgust, and anger. She tried to skin adorable Dalmatians for a coat, a coat. I find the movie forgettable but I don’t find her (yet somehow I do). I didn’t include her because (your never gonna guess this) I forgot her.

Hope this one pleases you @Minnie_Christmas

12.4: the headless horseman

Some may say that either Ichabod or brom bones are the main villain of sleepy hollow, I say no and say it’s the headless horseman, seeing how killed the main protagonist and made the short film traumatizing for baby grim. This ghoul could be argued to be brom, but Ichabod’s fright when he looks down his body proves it wasn’t. I didn’t include him because he is well know but not we’ll know enough to make it in this (yet I included judge doom)

And the final one

12.5: ...

Me, jk

12.5: Captain Hook

Let’s just say he saves a lot of money on gloves. Captain Hook is the demonic captain of the Jolly Roger who wants to kill a teen/adult man with a lot of makeup for feeding his hand to a crocodile. Hook isn’t really evil until peter cut off his hand (as far as we know). Peter just created his own enemy. I didn’t include him because I forgot him (seriously he was in the back of my mind and all I was thinking was judge doom and bill cipher need to be in this.

Day 13: Maleficent

And our finale features the mistress of evil. She turns into a dragon and is still awesome. Personally until she turns into a dragon I don’t care for her but that doesn’t mean she isn’t cool. Because she wasn’t invited to a party she wanted to kill a child and her whole family (and kingdom in the original story), if that isn’t petty I don’t know what is. Anyway on the evil scale, 10/10 due to trying to kill many people for not being invited to a party. Maleficent deserves a lot of these emojis :expressionless: lol

Emoji hint: :fire::smiling_imp::dragon::fire:
Hint solved by: @Djaq_Frost

I hope you enjoy this


On the first day of Halloween my Ghoul gave to me…


I should’ve just done that instead lol, but Leota already gave us that so…

Are we suppose to guess who they are? Because this looks fun.

Yes, while you wait you can guess them

The 2nd one is shere khan

And kaa

Cool. Some of these days are easy. Day 4 is Frollo.

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Half of it, one of them I only did because there weren’t enough emojis for them

:thinking: Idk, Pixar movies has its fair share of villains.

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Stinky Pete
Charles Muntz
Ernesto De La Cruz to name a few

They may not be as memorable as Disney’s rouge gallery. But they’re still there.

I never said it didn’t I said most don’t have villains. Meaning they don’t have a clear antagonist (inside out, finding Nemo, finding dory, the good dinosaur, etc)

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Is 9 jafar?

Are all of the vilians listed are in the game?

Definitely not

The question here is is “Most” accurate. :thinking:

Toy Story:

1: Sid.
2: Stinky Pete.
3: Lotso
4: Gabby.

A bug’s life: Hopper

Monster’s Inc: Randall/Waternoose.

Monster’s University: No clear one?

Finding Nemo: Darla?
Finding Dory: None

The Incredibles:

1: Syndrome
2: Evelyn


1: Chick
2: Miles…Lancel-something
3: None.

Ratatouille: Head chef.

Walle: Auto

Up: Charles Muntz

Brave: None.

Inside out: None

Goood Dinosaur: None

Coco: Ernesto

Onward: Haven’t seen, help me out someone.

So in total, 15 with villains., 6 maybe 7 without. Most is inaccurate. Please don’t mind me to much, I’m just nitpicky sometimes.

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There’s no villain, but people consider some dragon with like 3 minutes of screen time the main villain

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Kay, in that case, 7. 100% more with villains, then without.

I could name anyone of the list aside

1 doctor faciler

2 shere khan and possibly kha

3 bill cipher

4 claude frollo

5magica de spell



8the evil queen







Is day 3 Bill Cipher?

Bill cipher seems like number since he fiting the emojys being a demon with 1 eye and haveing triangle shaped body

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