15 Years and Still Inventing

Surprise! To celebrate Club Penguin’s 15th anniversary, enjoy a Club Penguin Concept!

Gary The Gadget Guy



The inventor from Club Penguin Island, Gary deals great damage with a variety of inventions.

Stars: :star: :star: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Trial Team: Blue
Entrance: Uses the Ghoul Detector 3000 to walk into position, then he puts it away and pulls out the Snow Launcher.
Victory: Jumps and Cheers, like Basil
Defeat: Snow Launcher explodes and he gets covered in snow
Attack: Launches a snowball from the launcher

White Skill: Pizzatron 3000 (Normal Damage)
Gary activates the Pizzatron 3000 to fling pizzas to everyone.

Allies are healed X HP and gain 70 tenacity and evasion when given pizza.

Enemies are dealt X damage and their attack and movement speed are reduced by 50%.

Green Skill: Electronic Magnetism (Fantastic Damage)
Gary activates the Electromagnet 2000 and uses it at the back most enemy. This will deal X damage to the target and enemies that touch them and pull the to the frontline. This deactivates all shields and stuns enemies for 10 seconds if they were shielded.

Stunning shielded enemies has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Ghoul Detector 3000
At the beginning of each wave, Gary walks into battle with the Ghoul Detector 3000. This studies all enemies for 12 seconds and reduces their armor by X.

The study has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: Prototype Power
“Ghoul Detector 3000” also grants Gary “Precise” for 6 seconds. He also grants himself and allies X skill power.

Precise heroes can target invisible enemies and their attacks cannot be dodged or evaded.

Red Skill: Great Inventions
“Electro Magnetism” also removes 50% of the energy from enemies damaged.

Allies healed by “Pizzatron 3000” are energized for 7 seconds.

Allies with “Energized” gain more energy from basic attacks.

Granting “Energized” has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Armor
+X Basic Damage
+X Skill Power Granted to “Prototype Power”

Friendship Disks:

High Tech Gadgets
Allies Gain Precise on Speed Buff
+Tanks lose X armor
+Support and Damage role allies gain X Skill Power
• Allies are Precise for 3 (+3 per star level) seconds when they gain a speed buff.
• Allies gain 25 (+25 per star level) armor negation while Precise.

Gary-Kim Possible
Elite Agent
Apply More Debuffs
+X Max HP
+20% (+20 per star level) Debuff Length to Gary and Allies
• Gary has a 20% (+20 per star level) chance to freeze enemies for 5 second with each basic attack.
• Studied enemies lose X basic damage.


Great Concept!

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