2.1 Known Issues

Here are some issues we’re currently tracking after the 2.1 update:

  • Mike’s red skill triggering On a Roll can be interrupted by his white skill when he reaches 1 HP.
  • Mike’s red skill can become never ending if he’s slowed when it’s triggered.

These issues have been resolved:

  • There is a crash when using Disney Emojis in chat.
  • Arena and Coliseum rewards & keys were not distributed on June 23
  • Issues with Endless Creep Surge - these are caused by the change to the district maps. Everything should be updated with the new surge that starts at 11AM CT on June 24.
  • The red skill icon for Maleficent is missing.
  • There is a combat crash on iOS 13 related to Frozone that we are investigating.
  • There are some Android devices that are being told they are not compatible with the update.
  • Invisible is working too well. Invisible heroes can’t be damaged or have the invisible removed.

I am unable to access the game after the update.

My devise is 6.0

I won’t be able to switch to my alt account now.

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So I went in and couldn’t find Davy Jones, will he come later or is this a bug?

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Davy Jones is a sign in hero so is not showing yet

It’s lagging on my game.

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Same here, I wasn’t afraid of it 'cause it supossed to be Android 4.4 not 6.0

I think the new 10 red skills have wrong numbers on their stats, they are all really low compared to old red skills, specially Dash.

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Maleficent’s Red Skill icon is missing

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Emoji items are not included in the collections. Will they now also be deleted from cosmetic crates?

Characters now perform their animations even when you don’t press them.


Not really an issue, but where is the baloo crate

It rotates like The Evil Queen does

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@Turned_To_Sin - Hercules doesn’t have a red skill yet, so his emoji hasn’t been added. The animations are a new feature added in 2.1

We’re looking into the devices that are showing as not compatible that are above Android OS 4.4


In Arena battles, I enter the battle and then it crashes. It also counts for the quest points. Sometimes is restores the amount of battles, sometimes it does not.

Hey, why the Martins Badge replaced into Sunken Ship Badge? I’m confused.

It was changed because it was from seasme street, but they changed for legal reasons

Oh. Ok. I thought they are from Muppets.

Here’s the known issues so far. I’ll keep this updated as we go!


The shop rotations haven’t seemed to have happened? Or are they going to rotate in July?

You have to refresh your shop.

Shop rotations happen on July 1.

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