2 new characters

Character 1
Linguini(with remy) is a mid-line :star: support hero

Basic attack:4900
Skill power:6700

Quote:“you’re the one getting fancy with the spices”

Description:linguini is the clumsy but kindhearted chef on the bottom and remy is the rat in his hat.together the two cook foods to heal their allies and throw foods at enemies to damage them.

Basic attack:linguini will get close to a enemy in order to wack them with his two golden pans in his hands.

White:rat pack

Remy peeks from the hat and calls his family to attack the enemies, damaging the enemies for x amount and stunning them for x amount.

Green:bon appetite

Linguini cooks up some food and serves it to his allies,healing them for x amount.

Blue:food fight!!!

Remy will emerge from linguinis hat and throw food at the enemies, damaging them for x amount.

Purple:anyone can cook

Linguini’s “bon appetite” skill now boosts allies stats for x seconds.


Clumsy but accomplished
Unlocks at lv 103
Allies:maui, jessie, white rabbit

Linguini’s chance of criting increases with each star added

Linguini/sulley and boo
Little buddys
Unlocks at lv 117
Allies: woody, max goof, shank

Linguini’s “rat pack” skills stun time increases with each star added.

Character 2
Gyro gearloose is a front-line :star::star: control hero

Basic attack:5800
Skill power:4500

Quote:“you told me to make it as real as i could, so i did”


White:little helper

Gyro sends out his little helper out to fight for him. Little helper has x hp and its basic attack does x amount of damage.

Green:Thinking cap

Gyro uses his thinking cap to increase his chance of dodging enemies attacks.

Blue:mad inventor

Gyro builds a invention that charms a random enemy for x seconds.

Purple:project blathersike

Gyro gets x amount of energy when a ally defeats a charmed enemy.


Inventive minds
Unlocks at lv 106
Allies:baymax, green aliens, darkwing duck

Gyro’s “mad inventor” skills charm time increases

Robotic showcase
Unlocks at lv 119
Allies:Eve, darkwing duck, merida

Gyro’s “little helper” skill now heals gyro for x amount when little helper gets defeated.

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