20 years of me

So as you all know today is my 20th Birthday and I would appreciate that y’all can do anything for me since today is my day.


Happy birthday :partying_face: :confetti_ball:

Ah happy 20th birthday Ozi_Swag and hope you have a good birthday, as well as that you get some fun presents ^^.

Thanks Kira; Well I’m going to the movies later today to see Space Jam a new Legacy and expecting people to send me money on cash app (you guys can fell free to send me money) and my family giving me anything also one of my presents comes in a couple of days

@Lucas1999 Thanks

You are welcome :-). Ah I see and sounds good and hopefully you get enough enough money to buy something you want ^^.

I don’t think we should send money maybe, but gift card codes could maybe work, though at least eShop wise I think it is only for the region like Europeans can only share with Europeans and Americans only with Americans. Still it is an idea :-).

That can work because I’m in America

I saw it yesterday, the movie is full of fun references (King Kong, Batman, matrix, scooby doo, Harry Potter, Rick and morty, gremlins, animaniacs, etc). Ps happy birthday

I am an European personally, so can’t send things through the eShop I think, as in like Nintendo’s eShop.

Oh ok I see

@Grim_grinning_Ghost of course since I saw the trailer

Well, happy birthday Ozi_Swag :+1:


Good to know, because I watched it too! I see jabberjaw, animaniacs, Rick and morty, nerdlucks from the 1st space jam movie, etc.

Thank you BlackBOY

Happy Bday Ozi hope you have a great time :gift: :balloon:

A very happy birthday Ozi. Have a great birthday day! :birthday: :partying_face:

Thank you guys

This is why I love dove and this was the nicest thing anyone stayed to me on Forms I love you @Dove

Guys get this My parents are gonna give me money to buy what I wanted and my aunt and my uncle are buying me shirts one on eBay and one on Amazon

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