200th Hero Celebration Event!

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 4.8-B

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 4.8-B Update! This release features new content for all servers!

Get your Zootopia heroes ready for a new, limited-time event with exclusive rewards to welcome Disney Heroes: Battle Mode’s 200th released Hero: Flash! Each player will get 1 chance per day, so make sure to log in every day starting April 13th through the 19th to gain Flash Hero Chips, Crates, Gold, and other exciting resources to level this Hero up!


Flash is a central ”Control” Hero on the Yellow team. Flash will be available April 13th.


Ticket Taker

Active: Flash’s enemies take a number! Each enemy is assigned a unique Ticket, numbered 1-5, and holds on to their Ticket for a duration with higher Ticket numbers equating to more time. While holding a Ticket, enemies are Stunned and take Fantastic Damage per second. These Tickets cannot be Cleansed, avoided by Evasion, reduced by Tenacity, or Dodged.

Passive: Flash is Immune to Slows but starts each wave moving slow as molasses. Instead of a Basic Attack, Flash drinks coffee. After a few sips, Flash will start moving at normal speed. From that point on, each sip will grant him Energy along with an Attack Speed increase that lasts for the rest of the wave.

Slows include Snares as well as reductions in Movement and Attack Speed.

Flash Flash

Flash takes a photo of the closest enemy, dealing Normal Damage to them while Blinding them and all other enemies for a few seconds.

Paperwork It

Flash gives random enemies paperwork to fill out, Slowing their Attack and Movement Speed by a percentage for a duration and removing Energy each second the Slow is active. When the Slow wears off or is removed from enemies, they take Normal Damage and are Studied for a few seconds.

But First, Coffee

When anyone on the battlefield is Slowed by any source, Flash heals HP and gains more Skill Power, Armor, and Reality for a duration.

The Heal and buffs to Flash can trigger once every few seconds.

Big Smile

Flash Flash now increases allies’ Attack and Movement Speed for a few seconds and decreases enemies’ Tenacity and Evasion for the duration. Paperwork It affects more enemies and deals an additional Normal Damage.

The Tenacity and Evasion decreases have a chance to fail on enemies above a certain level.

Ticket Taker gains bonus Fantastic Damage per second.

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Slow is applied to enemies
  • Stat Buff: +Armor
  • Lineup Buff: +Reality per Tank Ally
  • Effect Buff: Evasion Increase


  • Dash
  • Fred Frederickson

NICE! Can’t wait


Me gusta mucho


Well, it looks like my time at the DMV is all over now!
So it’s not gonna be a prize wall this time, huh? I can tell since Skinner’s prize wall is about to end in a few days anyway.
Alright Flash, hundred-yard dash! I’m coming for you, as long I don’t struggle for this event!:sunglasses:
Flash: “I……can……hardly……wait………it’s…finally….time!”:sloth:


Finally we get something


Told you that post just real


Why can’t you guys refresh Nick and Finnick for this event. They desperately need it


Wait until This Friday’s new patch notes update


Why do you keep putting the active before the passive? It’s bad structure.


I’m really hoping for rewards like what we got from the special trials last fall, especially if this is our sole special trial for the quarter, but I’m getting the sinking feeling that it’ll be more like the Daisy trial rewards: nice, but not truly helpful.

I knew this had to be coming soon, with all the Cleansing heroes we’ve gotten lately.

Anyway, Flash’s skillset looks pretty interesting and fun, without tipping over into ridiculous complexity like some of the heroes from last year; depending on the numbers he could be a truly OP hero. Although I do worry that the evasion increase potentially provided by his Battle Badge will wind up being pointless.


Aristocats would be great, but with Edward I doubt it because I don’t think he’s a Disney character.


Definitely NOT possible, as he’s not from Disney. XD


Yes first Bellwether and now Flash two Zootopia characters thanks for both them


They really should take a break from adding characters from Zootopia along with Toy Story The Incredibles and The Muppets and focus on extended characters from Amy franchise with 3 or less characters and also add new franchises in the game


Hopefully some other events are going to join this, cause this seems to be what we had with for example Kristoff too.

And now that we have all heroes in the prize wall, it might be the case that this will actually be the first hero in a while I will not get to yellow. So that is an interesting given.


Looks amazing!!!

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Yay… it’s the 200th hero. UUUU-oo!

Sounds exciting, hopeful there will be stamina and badge crates.

… … …

But just stop with these Zootopia characters, it’s getting VERY annoying. Why there needs to be 9 of them?

Same with Toy Story, The Incredibles, and especially Muppets which should end with Kermit.
We feel stuck in an endless cycle of Muppets and Zootopia characters nowadays.
It’s not exciting, it’s not fun, just soulless.

Please focus on expanding IPs with less than 4 characters, and even more, on adding more representation (looking at TV shows), it’s lame there is still no Cruella, Tiana, Ratigan, and many others.

YES to new franchises!

At the very least, this skill is very unique, but this reminds us that there could be work put on someone else, and also how some of the other newer heroes feel empty, like Little John.

Glad the 200th hero has special treatment, and won’t be thrown to the prize wall. Hopefully, better characters will be released soon. Hopefully, there will be no more Muppets… cough-cough.

And it’s hilarious how these 2-minute characters have such a stretch-out skillset, where Flash has done any of the things in his skillset, apart from paperwork, and even that hardly.


Maybe some recent ones like Amity Blight, or maybe even…Molly McGee? :smiley:


Amphibia Anne


What would her skill set be

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