21 Jump Street Server 23

Hey Everyone,

21 Jump street is recruiting active, players in Server 23. We’re a guild consisting of S21 Members who retired and have returned to S23. If you’re familiar with Server S21, some of our players date back from Scaradise/The Mob but also Silvermoon, 2319.
We can be a wild bunch, so we prefer to have mature (read 18+ people).


  • We currently have open recruitment for players above L220, but we’re willing to take in players lower level via a small interview.
  • Must have a sense of humor
    *Must be active.

You can always contact our Champions/Officers;
*Lady Luna
*Backdoor Bandit
*Disney Demon

We are potentially looking for a merger (seeing the state of S23 in activity), if you have a guild in S23 looking for a merger; Please contact @Ella.

If you’re interested you can leave your IGN down below and ill get back to you.


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