3 character concepts

  1. Cricket green (big city greens) cricket skill is animal stampede and his other skill would be pheonix bark. his friendship would be with remy remington and his other outfit would be his halloween costume from the episode blood moon. “Bingo-Bango!” Would be his saying. And you would need 10 cricket green chips to get him. And he would be 2 stars.

  2. gramma green (big city greens)
    i chose this one over tilly since gramma green is always talking about fighting and stuff i thought she should be on this list instead. Her skills would be a sword slash and knock out i dont know who would be in her friendship thing but she would be 3 star and need 30 gramma green chips to get her as a hero. Her costume would be her pajamas and her saying would be “HI-YAH!” that would be really cool!

  3. Agent P. (Phineas and ferb)
    I was gonna do a phineas and ferb one ok? And agent P kinda fits in so im doing one on him. His skills would be a kick in the face and a punch in the stomach he would be a 2 star and his other costume would be his superhero look from the phineas and ferb: mission marvel special you would need 10 agent P chips to get him and his friendship would be with phineas or ferb if they get into the game. Anyway thats my list and if you like it i will make more!

Can you provide Skill sets plz?

These aren’t “concepts”, this is a list of characters you want in the game. Additionally, none of them are even half-worthy of being put in the game.


Ehh, phineas and ferb I can see. But perry the platypus might be more likely if they ever do them

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Hahahaha Clarence knock off show characters!

The star / chip amounts here are wrong :stuck_out_tongue: if a hero needs 10 chips to unlock, it will start at 1*, and a hero needing 30 chips to unlock will start at 2*.

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Oh, thanks for the info

Now wait a minute…