4.0 Known Issues

Here’s a list of known issues after the 4.0 update:

  • Select a stage for a badge bit goes to the chapter instead of the stage
  • Tiny newsletter on mobile email apps

Fixed Issues:

  • Notifications not clearing
  • Display issue with key buttons

Notification in quests doesn’t go off.

(Nice background btw.)


Related to the above ^

Closing the Quests / Pass screen with the back arrow now also closes the sidebar menu - previous (better) behaviour was that it would still be open. This is with “Sidebar stays open” set to off (obviously, or it is always open anyway)

I updated the game, but Snow White isn’t there, I know she isn’t available in the prize wall until Thursday May 19th, but doesn’t she at least appear in the heroes menu screen? Did the update go wrong or do I have to wait until next week until she finally appears?

B is right.

@Loutre Can I file a complaint about the upcoming Battle Pass v2 rewards?

(I see them. :eyes:)

Not sure how you’re seeing them since they’re not finalized or ingame yet. You should just be seeing that the Battle Pass is not available.

Personal hobby. I really wonder what will be done with them or if they stay how they are in now.

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I think Numi might have found stuff in the code of the game. I have seen them claiming things on the code before.

But those things are never finalized ever, so I doubt they could complain about it

Ahhh then as usual I will not be responding to anything that is not finalized and isn’t visible ingame.

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Can I write to support about it? :thinking: Or again not allowed?

As I said - I am a curious guy. I try to see, but I don’t tell… here.

No we would not respond to unfinalized things found in code. That’s not something we would ever do.

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Good, I will wait for final and hope for the best. :crossed_fingers:

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This may just be related to the new Battle Pass not starting until next month so it messed up the notifications.

I will say one thing though Loutre, if you at PerBlue want money you want to have what is included in the product package(new Battle Pass) have enough to it that people want to buy it :-).

Of course, there is a strategy to just having something for the top whales that might buy the new Battle Pass either way even if nothing that substantial to gain from the rewards paid path in the Battle Pass technically, however if this is the actual best money making way is debatable.

Depends on if you want to go for a few and give low amount in return, or go for many people with satisfying amount in return.
So far you at PerBlue strategy seem to be trying to just get the whales that will buy anything anyway, rather than actually adding enough to the buyable product that the player bases as a whole are interested.

Not meant rude/mean or anything, just thinking and such based on what I have observed.
But yeah, I do think there is a legitimate discussion potential in the topic of, just satisfying those who will buy everything nearly or go for the whole player base even if needing to give out more resources than otherwise in order to make it a must buy for most players.

Just thinking :-).

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@Loutre could the team look into Catch Up Rewards a bit? Some of the friends say they are missing for them.

Issue: when you roll down in quests, there is a chance you are sent back at the beginning (especially frustrating with the disk power and mod power use quests that are at the bottom of the list).

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Is version 4 not being released on Amazon or are they just slow with approving it?

Have them write to support.

Amazon is usually very slow.

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