4.5 Known Issues

Chip and Dale are appearing way earlier than anyone else so their blue skill does animation but doesn’t damage anyone. (in guild war)


s25 is under severe server lag. None of my guildmates can get invasion, guild war, shops, arena, etc. to load (we talked via discord). I started a Guild War fight and it took just over 2 minutes of “loading” before the battle began.

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I’ll leave this post here for all currently known bugs with heroes that aren’t mentioned in the thread
Might edit this if I’m forgetting any or more are discovered

Jafar’s bug on disk still affects most skills that are modified by other skills/disks to happen at the start (NOT skills that naturally occur at the start like special entrances), like Eve’s red skill. This bug only occurs to the attacking team
Guess this one can go

• Vinny’s red skill stuns enemies when they use their white skills even without any speed buffs involved

• Miguel’s green and red are still bugged

• Alice’s “enormous” status is counted as a buff and can be removed, resulting in her immediately shrinking and sometimes glitching (and it’d be gamebreaking from a gameplay perspective too if she wasn’t so weak she’d still be useless even without bug)

• Perry’s white skill often can’t crit and does way less damage than intended because of this


Fixed! :ambulance:

Joy is still bugged…

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Ayy… oiii… this part actually remains same.

Jafar gets stuck in white skills’ animation against enemies with evasion. Enemy evades the charm and Jafar will try over and over to charm that same enemy but keeps failing.

Jafar’s white skill NEEDS to ignore evasion, like Bellwether’s white skill. This will fix it. Technically hardy stacks will still be a problem… so maybe Jafar’s white skill should remove buffs too :thinking:


Miguel’s flat note does not apply Decrease Attack Speed on enemy :notes:

the fix for lag on the badge screen seems to have broken the badge screen :man_shrugging:

when a badge becomes craftable, or a hero becomes able to promote, the button display isn’t updated - ie. we still see a white plus on the badge, or a grey promote button:

(grey promote button despite being able to promote - this badge is already crafted hence it’s green)


And has word “EQUIP” below!

Green plus is also when you don’t have it crafted. It says “CRAFT” then.

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The “promote” button on bottom right is still gray. That’s what they are saying. Both “Power Promote” and “Promote” should be green.


Be more precise then. I did understand it as the badge being green, not power promote or promote button. Whatever…

The power promote button is always green. If you don’t have the badges crafted it just says “craft all” instead of “promote” on the right and the button is blue.

Hence why the confusion @Pipsqueak @Hangry_Panda

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Mim’s Hex has no effect in War -

Zeus still uses his white skill immediately

(also Baymax’s entrance, and the Snail sabotage, do not work either)

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This is the first time I’ve seen this and there’s no server lag going on right now. Shouldn’t the HP be displayed and the bot level?

Do you have any more specifics on how she is glitching, or a screen recording we can show the team?

There is no design intent for how often Agent P should be critting with his White Skill.

If you have a specific case where you know he should be critting but isn’t, we could definitely look into that!

For this one, are you referring to any speed buffs at all? Vinny’s red skill is against Attack Speed

surely, the chance for his white skill to crit should be based on his Normal Crit stat :thinking:

Y21 Agent P has 486 Normal Crit, well above the 440 required to guarantee a crit against similar opponent. Yet his white skill often fails to crit :man_shrugging:

I can’t test this one, but Vinny’s red skill blocks attack speed buffs, and reads “enemies that have attack speed increases blocked in this way are stunned for 10 seconds”.

I assume the bug is that Vinny can stun enemies even if they never try to apply an attack speed buff

Exactly that, I mentioned the green plus only to clarify that this screenshot referred to the promote button only.

The white plus on craftable badges is more difficult to demonstrate in a screenshot, since the craftable status can’t otherwise be seen in the same view. But it’s bugged in the same way.

Basically, her enormous status is behaving like a buff - regardless of how long she’s been into it, when hit by skills that remove buffs (like Tron and Aurora’s white skills), she will be forced out of the enormous status. Occasionally this also causes a visual glitch on her (she starts flashing rapidly), but I’m not sure on how exactly to replicate this. Either way, the real issue isn’t the visual glitch, just the fact that she can be forced out of it

I’ve already explained this, my Agent P is modded to have exactly 540 normal crit, which means he should always super crit with his normal damage skills against enemies on level 340. His basic attacks, green and blue skill regularly do this, but his white skill doesn’t crit. This has been happening since his release
This happens regardless of his teammates and allies

As I said, no attack speed buff was involved at all. If any character uses their white skill in the first 5 seconds of the match against a Vinny whose red skill isn’t underleveled, they’ll receive the stun. This has happened to my heroes against enemy Vinny, and even my own Vinny caused it against lower level enemies

Yeah exactly, all it takes is for them to activate their white skill

It almost never crits when dealing damage.
And with mods I also have enough normal crit to super crit, yet no crits is happening at all.

It only crits when he KO’d an enemy with white skill, otherwise it won’t crit.

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