4.5 Known Issues

It almost never crits when dealing damage.
And with mods I also have enough normal crit to super crit, yet no crits is happening at all.

It only crits when he KO’d an enemy with white skill, otherwise it won’t crit.

I noticed after getting on after this latest update installed that all my blue heroes in the invasion list their power ups. The power ups have been reassigned to other heroes on other teams, so now my 72-97 power up per hero is wasted on other people and I’m starting over while being in the middle of the invasion.

Background images for events tab buttons, trials backgrounds, chat borders and backgrounds, and all kinds of other background images aren’t appearing.

Resolved after a restart. Not sure if its a cache problem or not, but worked fine yesterday on same device.

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Clawhauser isn’t part of KP franchise :joy:

3 stages are missing!



  1. ERROR.
  2. It’s Mini Trials. Though I’d take 4k stamina consumables over 4 badge crates. Even if a badge crate is now worth 1.5k+ stamina consumables if used right.

If only we could have stamina on big T.Event and 9 badge crates on the last stage of Mini ones. That I’d call a fair balance considering even top whales got close to 1,000 slots to fill each rank…
I know you can’t just make the game self-sustainable and give us stamina and badge crates equal to worth of 1,000 badge crates.

Yet it’s slightly disappointing that we get like… at best worth of 300 badge crates @Nugget. If it could be at least 50-65% more it’d still be ok and not disbalanced.

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It says 8, and the rewards are from stage 5.

It should be 500 blue crates…


Also @Nugget not an issue per se, but could the team try making a “T” abbreviation for Invasion (Boss HP) and for gold?

I would like to see 1.00 T rather than 1000.24 B, for example.

And 800B is coming quite close to that.


The team fixed it!

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Any timeline @Nugget when this could be fixed it’s costing guilds war wins possibly and from opening other cars this was on s23

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There’s no real timeline yet as the team is still investigating!

There’s some oddness with the Items screen. I had the white “GET” arrow on a badge when I had all of the elements and only lacked purchasing it via gold (I had enough gold to purchase it). Then I purchased it and equipped it without the badge changing from “GET”.

Also, I noticed the badge gold sums aren’t adding up. So if there are 2 child elements that cost 5 gold and the badge cost 5 gold, the top item shows cost of 5 instead of cost of 15 (assuming all other items are available).

Well, till the War QoL the war wins are useless anyway.

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True but we don’t even know what said war improvements will bring like how will matchmaking change etc

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Are these birds suppose to fly around enemies for over 10 seconds before they depart and deal fantastic damage? The extra targets also don’t take any damage until 10 seconds later.

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@Nugget aren’t we supposed to receive today update and rapid recruitment deals, we just got cap rise and nothing?

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No refreshes @Nugget? :thinking:

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ridiculous amount of lag for several hours/days can you help us here @Nugget ?

It’s the whole game, stuck in loading screen. Very hard to do anything really. Everyone is affected by it


Figure the update will come at the usual time with the refreshes and then with the deals

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It says in patch notes, on Thursday, but before that we will get list of changes, which I hope will be released today.


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