[A B C] Ursula!

Welcome, everyone… this is the very first ‘‘A B C’’ of Ursula (or review of her), as a lot of people are just missing huge potential from her!

The whole review is from maxed Y8 perspective, so the stats are only correct on the older servers.

Ursula’s Stats

  • Basic Damage isn’t the highest but it’s decent-ish, and thanks to her Normal Crit and Crit Damage her basic attacks can deal almost 5M damage, without buffs.
  • Skill Power is big as for older character, especially without any buffs/refresh, and it skyrockets with Red Skill
  • Ursula has very great amounts of Negation, Normal and Fantastic Crit, Crit Damage, and decent-ish Evasion.

White Skill

  • It applies Hex, debuff which is still pretty rare and even fewer characters can apply Hex on such a regular basis as her. This duration of Hex isn’t the longer however but with Red Skill, it can last pretty much the whole battle. This skill also deals with quite big damage, with very basic 7M damage, when crit it will do 28M damage minimum.
    • :red_circle: Red Skill increases base damage by 10M, so it will deal 17M damage at the very least, or 68M damage when it’s a crit. The increase damage however doesn’t end up here, but that’s for later.

Green Skill

  • Very basic skill, it only removes 250 energy from an enemy. It is useful a bit for the red skill.

Blue Skill

  • Very devastating skill, it deals 21M damage at the base, but with crit it deals 83M damage. With red skill the damage is increased a lot.

Purple Skill

  • Benefits Ursula and her allies a bit as the enemies won’t have any energy jumps during the fights from dead allies.

:star2: Red Skill

And here it is… the star of Ursula. Something that can make Ursula into a killing machine with the right lines.

The first part of the skill allows any of the Hexes applied to enemies to last almost endlessly, this means white skill will be used by them much less frequently.

The second part is the key. Ursula gains 3.3M Skill Power whenever an enemy loses some way energy, and it can include…

  • Skills which remove/steal energy
  • Hexes

Ursula Team / Combo

As Ursula gains a lot of Skill Power whenever the enemy loses some energy, and the amount doesn’t matter, it can be even 1 removed energy, she works best with other heroes who remove or steal energy.

Personally, as in the screenshot above, she works best with Dr. Drakken, Kermit, Yax, and Fozzie.

  • Dr. Drakken applies a lot of debuffs which blocks enemies from hurting his team, additionally with the maxed red skill he also removes a lot of energy from enemies. He also applies a starting reflect to one of the teammates (mainly Yax).

  • Fozzie + Yax. Fozzie needs his Mike disk for this combo. Yax’s slow from the beginning of each wave triggers Fozzie’s disk which removes up to 35 energy every second from all enemies, making it 5 sources of energy removal for Ursula, this way Ursula gains 16.5M Skill Power every second! Fozzie’s basic attacks also removes energy and also Yax’s red skill. Also, thanks to Fozzie’s Blue Skill and Ursula’s Hades disk it will grant all allies 600 energy.

  • Kermit… does what he can do best, duplicate all buffs, in this scenario he duplicates Ursula’s Skill Power gained from all sources during the battle, and if possible reflect (or at least as usually invincibility). It takes at least 4 seconds for him to use his white skill, so Kermit will duplicate Ursula’s +66M Skill Power to all allies!

    • Ursula’s white skill scales 0.5 Skill Power = 1 extra damage, so everyone second white skill’s damage is increased by at least 8M, meanwhile Blue Skill damage scaling is 4x bigger so it increases its damage by 32M every second! Thanks to Negation it isn’t drastically reduced by Reality Buffs.

Of course, she can work with others as long as they remove energy, mainly Bolt, Kim Possible, or Zeus, this way you could as well Joy who will make sure that Tron won’t remove any Ursula’s Skill Power and Kermit will always grant it to allies. Mad Hatter is also good as he assures no one will debuff the line.

Prefered Disk:

Due to Madam Mim, it’s better to stick with Hades disk, and also it gives 600 energy to everyone for free thanks to Fozzie.

Prefered Mods: Fantastic Crit (for super crits, which will make the damage go 6x higher from the base instead of 4x) or Armor/Reality


Yes and no. Armor decreases it, no Armor Negation.


Reality Negation yes, Armor no.

So finale…

Well yes, without anywhere high red skill Ursula is useless. Great job.

I considered a synergy with Winnie personally. Like both her blue and her white steal energy every second, and she can spam them

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