A beauty but a funny girl (Belle character concept)

Name: Belle

Quote: “There much be more than this provincial life!”

Role: Support

Position: Back

Team: Blue

Normal Attack: Belle will throw a book at the enemies

White Skill: Reading Break
Belle will read a book which will heal herself and study the enemy team. She will ignore any attack when she is using this skill

Green Skill: Hunk Of Junk
Maurice’s Wood-Chopping Machine will appear to ride across the screen, with its axe chopping repeatedly as it goes after the enemies. The machine will knock and damage the enemies when they touched it.

Blue Skill: Enchanted Mirror
Belle will get out the enchanted mirror to show at the enemy team, which will blind and damage the enemies close to Belle

Purple Skill: Breaks The Spell
Belle will now grant her teammates faster speed attack when they’re scared, cursed, or silenced by enemies

Entrance: Belle will appear reading a book, then she puts it away and removes a piece of hair out of her face when she gets to position

Defeat: She falls to a sitting position, putting her hand in her chin sadly

Victory: She will sit down, criss-crossed, and she will read her book happily

Friends: The Beast (He was proven to be an upcoming character and I found him in the DHBM database) and Elsa

If Beast comes, hopefully Belle will come with him. According to Disney Wiki, them and Lumiere will possibly be coming soon. Any feedback that I could edit? I hoped you liked it!


Hopefully she will come with the Beast soon. Or maybe after. Who knows but Polaris

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