A Concept Worth Fighting For

This is my Likely entry for @Scarlet_Captain ’s Concept contest!

Name: Yao, Ling, & Chien Po


Source: Mulan

Description: This gang of three soldiers muster their courage to help those worth fighting for

Quote: “Come back here! I knew we were jerks to you before, so, let’s start over.”


Trial Team: Yellow

Role: Tank

Position: Front

Stars: :star:


Entrance: They run into position with their swords raised in the air

Basic Attack: One of them punches the target

Victory: They cheer

Defeat: They drop their swords or fans and run away frightened


White Skill: Girls Worth Fighting For


Normal Damage :fist:
Warrior: Yao, Ling, & Chien Po don their Concubine outfits. Enemies that damage Yao, Ling, & Chien Po while wearing their Concubine outfits are charmed for 9 seconds and gain Y Skill Power while charmed. Yao, Ling, & Chien Po can charm an enemy once every 4 seconds this way.

Concubines: Chien Po smashes a watermelon on the closest enemy and bumps into them, dealing X Damage to them, knocking them back, and dealing Y Damage to enemies passed by the knocked-back enemy.

Green Skill: Knuckle Sandwich


Normal Damage :fist:
Warrior: Yao riles himself up before punching the closest enemy, increasing his Basic Damage by X and dealing X True Damage.

Concubines: Yao dodges a melee attack and throws the enemy who attempted to attack him, dealing Y Damage and decreasing their Armor by Y.

Blue Skill: Be A Man


Normal Damage :fist:
Warrior: Ling slashes the closest enemy with his sword, dealing X Damage

Concubines: Ling slams his face into the closest enemy, dealing Y Damage and decreasing their Reality by Y.

Purple Skill: Ugly Concubines


Each time Yao, Ling & Chien Po charm an enemy, they heal for X HP and gain Y Armor.

Red Skill: Gang Of Three


For each Charmed enemy, allies receive Y Skill Power. Allies Max HP is increased by 10% each time their Skill Power is increased.

+X Skill Power
+Y Reality
+X Basic Damage


  • Yao, Ling, & Chien Po / Mulan


Allies: Kida, Flynn Rider, Davy Jones
Campaign Name: Training Academy
Disk: Whenever a charmed enemy would be disabled, they instead gain X Basic Damage.
+X Armor

  • Yao, Ling, & Chien Po / Megara


Allies: Jasmine, Elsa, Shank
Campaign Name: Warriors In Distress
Disk: Tank & Damage role allies begin with an X HP shield that last for 5 seconds per support role Ally.
+Y Skill Power


Feedback is appreciated

Feel free to guess my Unlikely entry (If I already told you don’t say it)

:red_circle: :coat: :gem:

Carmen Sandiego?

Yep, it’s her :grin:

I really like the idea of them both as warriors and concubines!!

But did I get it right that they change from warrior to concubine and vice versa with their white skill??

Yeah, it’s like Belle, I knew I forgot something :sweat_smile:

But I can’t edit, right?

Thanks for maming that clear :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve heard indeed that you can’t edit (on my own concept), but you could always edit after the contest has ended!

I really like the concept! great.
You could change the tittle to “A concept worth reading for” Idk, I just thought it :sweat_smile:

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Good idea, since technically I’m not changing the concept


Wow!! This is awesome! I would have never thought of this myself! Great Concept!! :+1:

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