A Country Bear (Henry Character Concept)



Source: Country Bear Jamboree

Role: Support

Position: Middle

“But enough is chit-chat, yik-yak, and flim-flam. Just refrain from hibernating and will all enjoy the show, because we got a lot to give.”

Henry and the rest of the Country Bears give the battlefield a bit of an Americana touch.

Entrance: Walks in and tip his hat in greeting

Victory: Henry plays a happy tune on his guitar.

Defeat: a string breaks on his guitar

Basic Attack: hit an enemy with his guitar

White Skill: Heads Up: Henry charges in on with one of the mounted heads. Each head has a different effect on his allies. Your choices are:

Max the Deer: Increases speed

Buff the Buffalo: Increases defense

Melvin the Moose: Increase reality

Green Skill: Bear Band Serenade: Henry introduces the Five Bear Rugs, who gives allies a random buff

Blue Skill: Blood on the Saddle: Henry introduces Big Al, whose sour notes takes energy from enemies an give it to allies


Purple Skills: Bearin’ with us: The Five Bear Rugs give a defense increase.

Red Skill: A Fractured Folksong: Blood on the Saddle silences enemies


Miguel Rivera

Campaign: A Jamboree at the Park: The Country Bears are holding a concert in the park and needs Miguel’s help to maje sure it goes smoothly.

Disk: Music is my Language: Bear Band Serenade heals allies



Campaign: The Soundsational Competition: Henry is holding a singing competition and needs Powerline’s help to find some acts for it.

Disk: Soundsational: Bear Band Serenade gives energy.

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I think this should be Henery’s white skill. Mostly players choose what skill option to use for white skills on certain heroes like Li Shang and Jafar.

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