A Curious Fawn


“Purty. Purty Flower!”

Bambi is a mid-line support hero

Trial Team: Yellow

Stars: :star:


Entrance: Bambi prances into the battlefield

Victory: A butterfly flies onto Bambi’s tail who turns around and giggles

K.O.: Bambi’s feet wobble, making his collapse

Basic Attack: A small patch of grass appears in front of Bambi, who eats the grass, healing himself for Y HP


White Skill: Wobbly Feet
:fist: Normal Damage
Bambi runs across the battlefield, dealing Y damage to enemies he passes through and decreasing their armor by Y for 12 seconds. Then, he attempts to run for a second lap, but a lane of ice appears under Bambi, spreading across the battlefield, making him slip. Then, Bambi slides across the lane of ice, dealing Y damage to enemies he passes through, knocking them back. He also deals Y bonus damage to enemies with decreased armor. When Bambi returns to his position, the ice thaws. When it thaws, Bambi stands up, and grants all allies 50% attack speed and Z skill power for 13 seconds.

Green Skill: Fluttering By
Every 12 seconds, a butterfly flies over the battlefield, granting all allies 2 stacks of hardy

Hardy may fail to apply against allies above level Z.

This is how the butterfly looks like:

Blue Skill: Sweet Aroma
Some colorful flowers appear in front of Bambi. Then, Bambi sniffs the flowers, granting all allies X basic damage and grants himself 2 stacks of hardy.

Purple Skill: Fawn’s Prancing
Whenever an enemy is knocked back, their movement speed is slowed by 70% percent for 3 seconds.

Allies who knock back enemies gain 70 energy every time they do so.

Movement speed slow may fail against enemies above level Z.

Red Skill: Prince of the Forest
Whenever Bambi uses “Wobbly Feet”, all common buffs are removed from enemies and granted randomly to allies.

If an ally has a debuff that has the opposite purpose of one of the stolen buffs, that ally will receive that stolen buff, depending on how strong the debuff is.

Buff removal may fail against allies above level Z.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Max HP
+Z Basic Damage
+Z Damage to “Wobbly Feet”

X = Skill Power; Y = Basic Damage; Z = Level Cap


Bambi - Kristoff & Sven
Hoof Skates
Stronger Knockback, More Energy
Allies: Olaf, Bo Peep, Elsa

  • +Z Skill Power
  • Bambi’s and allies’ knockback are 5% more effective
  • “Fawn’s Prancing” slows enemies’ movement spees by an extra 3%
  • “Fawn’s Prancing” grants allies 4 more energy

Bambi - Timon & Pumbaa
Nature Trails
“Hardy” Heals
Allies: Kevin Flynn, Genie, Merlin

  • For every stack of Hardy an ally has, they are healed for Z HP per second
  • Cooldown of “Fluttering By” is reduced by 5%

Hope you liked it!


I give this a 9/10


  • For now, I won’t post my list of upcoming concepts. Because I don’t wanna leak future ones easily
  • I know this was unexpected, but hey, it is here

Did you even have the time to read it?

10 characters

good concept.

I would like to disagree. Because you started typing literally 3 seconds after I posted it :man_shrugging:

I will read it again if u want.

The white skill seems…powerful

Also i can guess a concept is good if you made it. Also i am done reading it and i give it a 9/10


Great concept, original and well thought as always :+1:

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I was expecting “illogical” but Okay

I love the compliment. Thank you.

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I must admit it is rather complicated but well done all the same

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And also I thank @Gjmguy for the inspiration of this disk!

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If i tryed to make a concept i would be bad at it.
But you do awesome at concepts.

Ah, Bambi. This concept is really great.
Nice white skill.

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All I can think of when reading that Purple Skill is Hank and Dory. Anyways nice concept! I’ll give a 10/10

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What makes you say that?

awesome concept fil .i really liked it.annd in bambis disc with k and s all 3 allies are in my top 3 teams and k&s also😅

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