A Dancing Cat


:star: Front-line Tank
Team: Blue


They say it takes two to Tango, and this cat brought his tail to the dance floor. Lorenzo attempts to stop his tail’s mischief while also causing mayhem himself


Entrance: Lorenzo appears on his bed, then stretches before climbing out.

Victory: His tail pops off and he and his tail bow

Defeat: He becomes angry as his eyes change color


Basic Attack: Whacks an enemy with his tail.

White Skill: Tail Trouble


Normal Damage :fist:
The player choose a way for Lorenzo to try to get rid of his tail:

  1. Lorenzo tapes his tail to the ground, then a train runs through the field, dealing X Damage to all enemies and knocking them back.

  2. Lorenzo slams a door on his tail, which soon falls onto nearby enemies, dealing X Damage and stunning them for 7 seconds.

  3. Lorenzo electrocutes his tail, increasing their Attack and Movement Speed by 65% for 11 seconds and Energizing them for 9 seconds. Lorenzo receives 70 extra energy this way for each Basic Attack he performs.

While an auto, Lorenzo will swap between the three in order.

Green Skill: No Finer Cat


Lorenzo eats some Cocktail Shrimp, healing himself for Y HP and increasing his Armor by X.

Blue Skill: It Takes Two


Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
Lorenzo and his tail tango through enemies, dealing X Damage to all enemies and stealing 1 buff from each. If an enemy has no buffs, they are dealt an additional X True Damage.

Purple Skill: Lap Luxeries


For every buff on Lorenzo, their Max HP is increased by Y and they gain X Basic Damage for each debuff on Lorenzo.

Red Skill: A Twisted Tail


If Lorenzo deals damage equal to or more than 30% of his Max HP in a single attack, he gains Y Reality and heals for Y HP. Whenever Lorenzo has more than 8 buffs at once, all Allies are healed for HP equal to 30% of Lorenzo’s Max HP.

+X Tenacity
+Y Max HP
+X damage to It Takes Two

Battle Badge 

Is charged in battle when:

Heroes have a total of 10 or more buffs

+X Basic Damage
+Y Max HP per Blue Team Hero
Team Heal Over Time: +35% Max HP healed for 6 seconds.


Lorenzo & Cheshire Cat
Campaign: Les Cats Bizarre
Disk: Heads & Tails - Allies heal for 8% more HP per buff on them, plus 8% per star.
+X Reality
Description: Cheshire Cat sees Lorenzo & his tail, and decides to have some fun with the two.
Allies: Timon & Pumbaa, Yzma, Captain Amelia

Lorenzo & Fairy Godmother
Campaign: A Tail As Old As Time
Disk: Twisted Tale - Damage role enemies receive 10% more damage from Tail Trouble, plus 10% per star.
+X% Evasion
Description: Fairy Godmother tries to undo the hex put on Lorenzo’s tail.
Allies: Ursula, Merlin, Elsa

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And if you’ve never heard of this cat, watch this


Feedback is appreciated

Well, I loved the short. I’m not really qualified to say what is wrong with the concept, but it looks great to me :+1:

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