A Disney/Pixar short contest entry (Gus & Peck character concept)

Name: Gus & Peck

Quote: “Chuckles…”

Description: Gus, the dark cloud, and his helpful companion, Peck, is ready to deliver some cute yet dangerous baby animals to the enemies.

Role: Tank

Position: Front

Stars: :star::star:

Team: Blue

Basic Attack: Peck flies to an enemy and flies back to Gus.

Entrance: Gus comes down to the battlefield while Peck flies to Gus, giving a salute.

Victory: Gus gives Peck a hug, giving Peck a head rub.
Defeat: Peck becomes surprised while Gus cries while rain comes down under him.
White Skill: Baby Delivery
The player chooses which baby animal Gus would create and for Peck to deliver. The player has three options:

Option 1: Gus creates a baby crocodile for Peck to deliver to the enemy with the most X HP. The crocodile bites the enemy to deal X fantastic damage.
Option 2: Gus creates a baby bighorn sheep for Peck to give to the closest enemy. The sheep headbutts the enemy to deal X normal damage and knockback.
Option 3: Gus creates a baby porcupine for Peck to give to the enemy with the most energy. The porcupine deals X normal damage and saps the enemy for 8 seconds.
If auto, the first use of “Baby Delivery” gives crocodile, next gives sheep, next gives porcupine, and repeat for the remainder of the battle.
Green Skill: Little Surprise
:sparkles:Fantastic Damage
Gus creates an unfinished shark and shows it to the enemies, dealing X damage and scaring the surrounding enemies for 8 seconds. Gus & Peck will gain a shield for 12 seconds.

Blue Skill: Raged Storms
Once per battle, when Gus & Peck experiences 0HP, Gus creates some lightning storms, decreasing surrounding enemy’s attack speed by X for 10 seconds. This grants Gus & Peck and their allies a shield for 12 seconds and Gus & Peck heal themself X HP.
Purple Skill: Protective Equipment
Every time Gus & Peck uses “Baby Delivery” and “Little Surprise,” they gain X reality and X armor for the rest of the wave.
Red Skill: Daily Deliveries
When Gus & Peck are using shields in “Little Surprise” or “Raged Storms,” they heal themself X HP per second. And every time Gus & Peck gain a shield, Gus & Peck and their weakest ally gain 2 stacks of “Hardy.”

A stack of “Hardy” has a chance to fail if Gus & Peck is above level Z.

Additional Boosts:

  • +X Basic Damage
  • +X Armor
  • +X Max HP


Gus & Peck/Jack-Jack
Delayed Delivery
Allies: Elastigirl, Megavolt, Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo
Scared Enemies Lose Armor

  • +X Max HP
  • Scared enemies lose X armor
  • Gus & Peck and their allies take X less damage from scared enemies

Gus & Peck/Bo Peep
Cloudy Wallpaper
Allies: Peter Pan, Launchpad, Baloo
Buff Shield Allies And Heals

  • +X Reality
  • +X Armor to allies when they use shields
  • When allies use their shields, they heal themselves X HP per second

Gus & Peck are from a Pixar short, “Partly Cloudy.” And I hope you liked it!


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