A dragon with a robot voice?

Description: A Skylander from the tech element,Drobot uses his blade gears and his blaster to hit any enemies that mess with him.

Position: Mid

Role: Damage

Team: Red

Stars: 1

Quote:“Blink and Destroy!”

Basic attack: Shoots out laser from his eyes.

White skill, Afterburners Supreme Bladegear: Drobot flies through enemies, dealing X damage, and damage over time.

Green skill, Bladegears: Drobot throws out blades from his wing to the enemies, dealing X damage.

Blue skill, Supreme Bladegear: Bladegears combined together, creating a control bladegear that damage the closest enemies.

Purple skill: Quadratic Blasters: Drobot shoots out for Blasters from its wings and eyes to the enemies, dealing X damage.

Entrance: Hovers to battle

Victory: Move his head left to right.

Defeat: Wings begin to stop working, which hits the ground,while his head looks down.

Friendship: Drobot and Vanellope

Racing gears

Basic attack does Fantastic damage.

Allies: Ralph,Timon and Pumbaa, Maleficent

Drobot and Hiro


Stun the closest enemies with its blue skills

Allies: Mickey, Duke Caboom, Baymax


So… Does he do anything except just deal damage? Seems like there’s not a lot of variety in his moveset

Can people please start putting (Non-Disney) in the titles of these!

About the Hero Concepts category

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When @Polaris made this category they stated this was a place to “put all” "even if they aren’t Disney. And @Polaris did not say they had to specify if they were or were not Disney.


Yeah he does mostly damage

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Thanks. I tried my best

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I mean, even the most straightforward damage characters do something more interesting or nuanced than just three different moves that do damage and nothing else and one that does damage over time (so still, by some argument, just damage) . I’m sorry to be a downer about this guy and I don’t want to be insulting or anything but could he not do something beyond being a blunt instrument?

Also, don’t friendship disks usually give you two effects?

You got the point. I appreciate what you say. If there’s something you want me to change I’ll do it

Maybe you could add extra effects to some of the special moves? Or make the damage variable based on something? I don’t know the character very well so I can’t really suggest anything specific but even so

I’m very sorry for the late reply but I see what I can

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