A farewell and a warning

Today, this game lost one of its best players.

Samba, a player whose mind was sharp enough to allow them to best almost any foe, and whose bank account let them keep their heroes ahead of the curve.

Wednesday 13th, it began. Someone, somehow, managed to obtain access to Samba’s account, and began actively sabotaging it. Selling mods, wasting stamina, reducing the arena defense to nothingness. (This particular party shall be known as “The Hacker” from this point on.)

Eventually, Samba regained control of his account long enough to contact support. They said it was a result of Samba sharing accounts and whoever did this had accessed through one of the recovery methods, so all Samba had to do was change the recovery method and they’d be fine.

They weren’t. The Hacker could still access Samba’s account. In a war against Guardians and Den of Dragons, The Hacker wasted not only Samba’s attack, but one of the precious extras, both times sending single heroes against whole teams of 3.

Later, support claimed they had managed to disconnect all devices linking to Samba’s account, and that simply turning the game off and on again would resolve the issue.

It did not. The Hacker was still able to access the account. At this point, Perblue’s support desk was offline. Gone home for the weekend. The Hacker had free reign to run rampant and destroy as much of Samba’s work as they liked. They deleted Samba’s friend list, and blocked almost everyone on it.

Despite multiple efforts on Samba’s part, they were unable to regain control of their account without The Hacker slipping in and lashing out for whatever pathetic reason they started this whole mess over.

Eventually, support claimed that they got the devs involved, and that the issue was finally, FINALLY, fixed. Samba enjoyed a brief period of peace as they rejoined Guardians and conversed with friends.

It didn’t last. However The Hacker kept accessing the account, they did it again. Frustrated at both the loss of control and Perblue’s inability to fix it, Samba deleted their account to end it once and for all.

And so, a message.

To The Hacker. What exactly did you want to achieve? Was it merely to drive one of the best players out of the game? If so, congratulations, but in doing so, you have emboldened the guild Samba has left behind. We Guardans will continue to defeat all the enemies before us, and now we’ll do so with much greater ferocity.
To Perblue. Why was it you were unable to solve this problem? Did you even try beyond the most token efforts? Do you even CARE that one of the best players is now gone? Or does it not matter as long as you still have a playerbase willing to pay?

To Everyone else. A warning. If someone manages to gain access to your account, I’m sorry to say that it is over for you. You cannot get rid of them, and support is either unable or unwilling to help you. Think about THAT next time you want to buy a deal to get yourself just a little bit more stamina to keep up with this game’s resource creep.


I genuinely feel like this is false. I feel like nobody would go out of there way to hack somebody’s DH account just to mess with a guild and sell mods. the guild could easily avoid their wars being wasted by kicking them out of the guild, temporarily even. and with the fact perblue removed all players from the account, and it still occurred seems like somebody who had a device already logged in, and new the password and email to the account.

either way that is on them if that’s the case. We know if Perblue cares about ANY players, it’s the ones who pay most. without actual proof the account wasn’t used from the device which they could see if they so chose. they can’t help.

Hey, you never know what people are capable. There are some people out there that just want to watch the world burn, simply because they’re that twisted.

Before we close this thread just want to share so no one gets concerned that their account can be hacked that this player sent us a ticket and admitted to sharing the account. They were not hacked.

The person they shared the account with used/removed items/resources and as they admitted to sharing we did not put anything back on their account.

Samba admitted to breaking the ToS and was warned and given the account back and we removed the deviceID from the player they shared the account with.

Remember to never share your account with someone. It is against the rules and ToS and also letting someone on your account is letting them do whatever they please with it as a result which can lead to your account losing items/resources.

So make sure to follow the rules and ToS. No account sharing!

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