A frighteningly true story

This is going into community chatter because this isn’t a creative story, well some of my thoughts are, anyway I only thought I would share this for one reason, It’s Halloween time and we need spooky stuff (except this is to spooky for me). Now let’s begin

So last night around 1:03 am my dad and mom woke up and said they heard footsteps, they woke me and my brother up. He asked us if it was us, it wasn’t. Now he thought someone broke into our house so he went downstairs to see if anything was odd or different, not that he could tell. Anyway I was talking with my mom and I said maybe it was just the house settling, me, my mom, and brother agreed and told my dad it was probably the house settling.

Even though we agreed on the house Settling I couldn’t sleep, I tried to but I couldn’t (probably because of my winter blanket on me and the footsteps), my imagination started to run wild with thoughts of a cloaked man with an axe killing me and my fam. Eventually I went to bed, until sometime at 6:00 am this morning, I heard something that sounded like a giant boot hitting the ground

Just picture the boot looking like Frankenstein’s from hotel Transylvania, anyway I heard a thud and a creak, most would think this would be ordinary but with the fright my dad caused your mind goes to strange places, I thought I would die. I kept hearing the creaking so I rushed to my door closed it, and picked up my iPad, I then wrote this in a pm

I was seriously freaked out because my family, me, and my dog could be harmed or even worse, killed. I then started freaking out because my dog would be harmed (dog first fam second), I then wrote this in the same pm

My dog was fine but what if my family wasn’t, I gathered weapons that would be in a teens room. I was ready but then I heard something

So yeah it seemed to be over so I was gonna carry on with my day, get in some stop motion, look at funkos, tbh that’s all I had planned to do lol. But while, I was getting ready for the stop motion (which would be lego batman btw) I heard a noise, from the attic. It sounded like a groan or a moan. I then thought about something from the last night

So yeah really freaked out. I then thought about something my friend said a couple years ago, “i heard on the news that a lady found a man living in her attic” at first I didn’t buy it but then remembered it, and I did buy it now. So yeah probably a guy living in my house other than me and my 4 other family members.

I then wrote this

This isn’t just trying to get likes or anything, but if anything new happens I’ll keep you posted.

Hope this has been as scary for you as it has been for me so happy early halloween and stuff


Spooky but stay safe!


I’ll try to thx

So scary, bro

Have you considered the possibility there’s an animal of some kind in the house? My family was hearing strange noises at one point during a night, and later determined a rat had left an uncleanly neighbor’s house and was living in the walls.
While I would say “Ghosts aren’t real”, things normally considered supernatural are most likely real, and science just doesn’t understand it yet.
Try keep thinking about plausible explanations, but stay safe!


That’s a scary spooky story after all! Boo! :ghost::ghost::ghost:

Just kidding. Happy Halloween and trick and treat if u want. Take care of your teeth after that.

I mean I caught a mouse this summer but that was the basement, there could be one in the attic but the noise sounded to small for a mouse or a rat.

I mean the only thing I would consider real that is supernatural are ghosts, aliens, and Bigfoot. If it isn’t an animal it may be a ghost, I’m not saying that it is but it may be, that would also explain the three footsteps, I can’t think of an animal with three feet.

But then again there is an animal with four feet in my house who can only walk on 3, my dog. But it’s highly unlikely since his collar sounds like Christmas bells.


To small for those, but big enpugh to be human footsteps? Come on…

You’re being excessively dramatic. Just…follow the horror movie logic. Go up to the attic, and look around. Ain’t nothing up there that shouldn’t be.

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Which kind the one where you immediately die or where the main person wins lol

Well, that’s kinda a problem, seeing as how I don’t know how to get up there, and I’m to chicken to do it (yet I love slimy green reptilian monsters)

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So 2 days ago my headphones disappeared when I left the house, it wasn’t where I left it and no one could find them, okay sure at first you say I could’ve misplaced it. But then yesterday my dad’s back scratcher went missing to, when he wasn’t home, again you could say he miss placed it but then today, my brother’s recorder went missing when we weren’t home. Yes admittedly it sounds like we could’ve just misplaced all of them but we have searched the whole house and couldn’t find them. If something of my mom’s goes missing then something is definitely up. If this does happen then I may need to call someone about this but I have no idea who I should call. Anyway just wanted to update you guys


Scary :grimacing:


Yes. Really! :flushed:




How about you suggest that your whole family digs through the attic?

So the thief has got headphones to listen to a recording of him scratching his back. :thinking: fun.


I mean a recorder (the instrument), every kid at my Brother’s elementary school has one

They’d think I’m losing it, more than I already am (also if you ask losing what, it’s my sanity, thanks quarantine and spammers!!!)

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Well I kinda think you are too. Just saying.

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Why how thoughtful :roll_eyes:

Uhh, thats just- rude?

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It might be, I’m just being honest about it, you are hearing unsettling noises, stuff has gone mysteriously missing. Your being dramatic, so either man up and enter the attic, or dismiss and go about your day…

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