A Game Developing Alien (Unlikely Concept 17/20)

Orbulon, :star: :star:, Support, Midline.
Team Trials: Yellow.
Quote: “Greetings, earthling. I am Orbulon. My stage requires that you connect the Balance Stone to the Form Baton. I will show you a mysterious form I learned on a remote planet. It’s called The Diner!”
Bio: Orbulon is an alien that is obsessed with pigs, he works for Wario at Warioware Inc. and develops microgames for Wario.
Entrance: Orbulon flies in using his Oinker.
Victory: Orbulon takes a bite of a hamburger.
Defeat: Orbulon’s milkshake spills.
Basic Attack: Orbulon rams into an enemy, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Space Bunnies.

Fantastic Damage✨
Space Bunnies walk across the screen and into enemies, dealing X damage and stunning them for 7 seconds.

Green Skill: Cheesed Burger.
Healing :heart:
Orbulan eats a cheeseburger, healing X HP.

Blue Skill: Milkshake Of Mystery,
True Healing :heart::heart:
Orbulon grabs a milkshake and drinks it, and heals him X HP, and depending on what color/flavor the milkshake is, he will be granted with a special boost.
Red/Strawberry: 2 Stacks Of Hardy.
Blue/Blueberry: 55% Reality boost for 15 seconds.
Purple/Grape: 55% Defense boost for 20 seconds.
Yellow/Banana: 55% Attack boost for 15 seconds.
Rainbow/Mix: All Of The Above.

Purple Skill: What Fascinating Food!
Orbulon’s green skill heals X% more.

Red Skill: Oinker Orbiter.
Orbulon’s basic attack deals 65% more damage,
+X% more Armor,
-X% more Speed for 20 seconds.
-X% more Attack for 25 seconds.

Friendship 1: Orbulon and Marvin The Martian,
Campaign Story: Astro Explorer Aliens. “Marvin and Orbulon are going on a mission to free the Space Bunnies.”
Allies: Davy Jones, Huey Dewey and Louie, Darkwing Duck.
Disk: Alien Aerobics.
Basic Attack stuns enemies for 7 seconds.

Friendship 2: Orbulon and Wario
Campaign Story: Gaming Ideas. “Wario needs help from Orbulon to make more micro games for the new Warioware game.”
Allies: Sulley and Boo, Randall, Waluigi.
Disk: Game Developer Drama.
White skill deals 75% more damage.

Extra Bonus:

A custom Fire Mario funko pop,
and, for some reason, Mega Man funko pop cereal.

If you enjoyed this, that is good. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is he from Wario Ware?

Yes, he is the white alien from all the Warioware games.

This is what he looked like in 2003.

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