A goofy concept

Grandma goofy hero concept

with heart cakes and and a sandwich grandma goofy slips into the battle, ready to help her grandson and his allies in battle
Quite: “ well, they don’t call it ‘break fast’ for nothin’

Role: support
Position: front
Team: red

Basic attack: hits creep with baseball bat
Entrance: marches into battle
Defeat: slips
Victory: Goofy’s victory


White skill: a sandwich
Grandma takes out a sandwich from her purse and scarfs it down her mouth, which heals her X. She then burps which deals Y enemy to the closest 3 creeps, she then covers her mouth and giggles

Green skill: here comes grandma
Grandma takes out her plate with her homemade breakfast and starts throwing pancakes* at her allies healing them X and squirts syrup at the creeps slowing them by X

Blue skill: tea time
Grandma sips her tea which heals her X

Purple skill: this battle is just fit for her to stay in
Grandma cheers when she is out of health and revives at 3 quarters health.

Red skill: the goofiest grandma
When Grandma uses, here comes grandma, her ally with the lowest HP becomes invincible for 10 seconds. All other allies gain Y basic damage and Y skill power for 12 seconds.

Grandma redirects 50% of all damage dealt to the ally with the most basic damage to herself.

+X skill power gain
+X basic damage
+X slowness in Here comes grandma


Grandma goofy/goofy
Disk: grandma and grandson
All enemies above level 150 will deal less damage in each battle
Allies: kermit, smarty, Alice

Grandma goofy/Grandma duck (@Minnie_Christmas’s concept)
Disk: grandma time
Tea time will now heal 15x more health and all allies X health

(*= new skill icon called pancakes, each stack heals X% of health and all enemies attacking the heroes with pancakes will be dealt less damage, this skill icon can be found in here comes grandma)


Please post all feedback

This is a great concept. Can you do Finn Mcmissile from Cars 2 next if you can? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart:

I was going to do :mosquito::beverage_box: next, then one from a costume I made (:honey_pot::drop_of_blood:) then :duck::red_circle::yellow_circle::black_circle:

Love the Concept but remember from the cartoon that was goofy dressed up as a grandma

Yeah I remember, doesn’t mean I can’t make it

True that but altogether good concept my dude😊

How does this deal damage?

No creo que sea necesario ya que hay un goffy

It doesn’t

Yeah. But why does it say it does then? :sweat_smile::joy:

no es él, es su abuela

Idk, I thought I always had to have it, even if didn’t deal anything :eyes:lol

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Si no sabes es la misma persona parece que no viste el episodio completo

@Grim_Grinning_Ghost he’s talking about why does it say :fist: normal I think

He visto el episodio, estaba haciendo un concepto de su abuela, alguna vez dije que era probable y terminé el epidoe.

Already explained it lol

Ya I know lol

Pero yo creo que lo pondrían a finales de mayo no se
Si es que lo ponen

nunca dijo que ella era como ella

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