A major look at nearly every Disney villain (No pixar or touchstone)

Happy villaintines day, I love the villains, with all the love in my little black heart. You love some and you hate some, but today, I shall look at most Disney villains from full length feature films That aren’t sidekicks, other than Gideon (I will also include pete and package films villains), now shall we begin. (Apologies if I forget some, I can’t get all of the villains in one thread because of the mount of letters or words you can have in a thread)

Mickey Mouse and friends

Pete (a.k.a peg leg Pete)
Peg leg Pete is the rival of Mickey (that isn’t mortimer). Wether piloting a steamboat, ruining a kingdom behind the king’s dying back, or anyone situational antagonist that Disney needs to pit against Mickey. He used to be really, really evil but in recent years disney has toned down Pete to make him more of a clumsy bully, sometimes going by the alias of “sneaky Pete”, instead of big bad Pete, or peg leg Pete.

Snow White and the seven dwarfs

Queen Ingrid grimhilde (a.k.a the evil queen)
The first full length feature film Disney villain is the evil queen. She is known through her kingdom for being vain and cold hearted. She is widely known about being a witch and doesn’t seem to care about that. I think the reason she doesn’t care is so people respect her and don’t mess with her, and you don’t want to mess with her. In the book fairest of all by Serena Valentino, it is revealed that the hunts man was murdered off screen by the queen.


J. Worthington foulfellow (a.k.a honest John)

The first Disney villain who happens to be a fox, honest John. I feel like he set the bar so high for Disney fox characters that doesn’t just kept getting better at making them. This guy is always out looking for a cheap buck, if it includes Turing little boys into donkeys or selling them to Italian puppet masters who are willing to chop them up, this is your guy. But obviously he quickly wastes the money he earns, seeing how is clothes are ragged and torn.

Gideon the cat

Gideon the cat, or as I like to call him evil dopey. This cat is mute but he is by far a comedic villain. He is armed with a mallet and harms his boss for a cheap gag. He is also the most comedic yet least threatening villain in Pinocchio, which makes sense


Okay I really like Stromboli for two reasons, A. He looks weird in the Disney parks and I saw him one time and he made me laugh really hard, and B. He is the right amount of scary and funny. He locked a 23 hour year old puppet in a cage and felt no remorse for the poor boy

The coachman

Fun fact about the coachman: he is the only Disney villain to my knowledge to swear in a Disney ride. He is easily the most evil Pinocchio villain of all time. With some sort of demonic magic he can transform stupid little boys Into donkeys, he then sells them off until they aren’t sentient donkey children. Interesting tic bit, he tells honest John and Gideon to meet at the crossroads at midnight, alluding to him being a demon of some sort (considering his magical ability to make children into donkey’s, his gorilla like goons, and his demonic smile it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch for him to be some demonic force)



Disney is know fro sanitizing stories and they did that here with Zeus. In Greek mythology he was a horrible person and Disney was accurate and made him the villain of a segment in Fantasia. He terrorizes his citizens in the segment and takes glee in it, along with his minion Vulcan. None of the gods nor creatures are pleased with this, but they don’t dare mess with the king of the gods. He only is defeated once he falls asleep.


The literal Disney devil. Chernabog is The ultimate Disney villain. With minimal screen time, he spooked all generations who saw this film, I doubt even the sorcerer’s apprentice could damper the spirits of chernabog. I love what Disney has done with him in recent years with the house of mouse and made him more lighthearted and comedic like hades


The ringmaster

Big, bad, and balding, the ringmaster doesn’t want any problems in his circus. I wouldn’t consider him evil on the surface but I would consider him over dramatic and the closest thing this film has to a villain. I mean seriously, an elephant gets mad that people are making fun of her child, so he decides to lock her up where her own child can’t reach her. And he kind of abuses dumbo, but I wouldn’t consider him a huge villain, he’s just trying to keep his unstable business stable.

The pink elephants

This group of pink elephants torment poor dumbo and Timothy after they mistake liquor for water. I love how people get scared at Chernabog and then a little more scared at these guys, but it’s understandable. I don’t know what it is and why they are so scary, maybe it’s the lyrics to the song or frightening ghost like appearance but I can’t put my finger on it

Fun and fancy free

Willie the giant
This bumbling buffoon is the third giant Disney has had Mickey face off against, and probably the most popular. Willie isn’t a scary villain, he’s more lovable oafish, in later years he was toned down and made to be an oversized human who lived in the clouds. He is though easy not to hate, who would use power to shapeshifter and decide a big pink rabbit is good.

The adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Mr. Winkie

When first watching this film I can understand you would think that the weasels would be the main villains of the segment, but in this basically first twist villain Disney ever made, he isn’t really evil, but he has two mustaches, one on his head, and one under his nose, honestly I credit the guy for that hard mustache work.

The headless horseman

Probably the villain with the catchiest theme song ever, the headless horseman rides around the forest on Halloween night looking for anyone who has a head to then decapitate them and then do something with it. It isn’t clear he will use it as his own new head but you can tell Disney animators had fun animating him. I would say more but there is so much I can say and I don’t want to take time away from the other villains.


Lady tremaine

The evilest Disney stepmother out there, lady tremaine enslaved a beautiful young girl so nobody could see her beauty under the rags (sound familiar) and so that her ugly daughters would out shine her. Honestly she is a great villain, locking a child away in a tower (they never re-use this idea) so that the daughters can use the slipper is just evil at its best

Naming a cat Lucifer is risky business when the villain before you was the headless horseman, a literal demon who seeks a head. Lucifer is the cat of lady Tremaine who tries to devour jaq, gus, and their friends for a meal. He fell out of a window but survived, I guess cat’s always do land on their feet.

Alice in wonderland

The queen of hearts

Mean, murderous and malicious, the queen of hearts must get her way, if you don’t you loose your head (and then she hopefully gives it to the horseman, I feel bad for the guy). Honestly her marriage with the king seems like he didn’t want to die so he married her, unfortunately he must serve her every whim and wish. She isn’t scary when you first see her, but then the implications of loosing your head are frightening.

Peter Pan

Captain Hook

This mad buccaneer lost his hand many years ago, to a boy. Keyword a boy. This is just sad for multiple reasons I won’t go into. Hook is a comedic villain, and Disney knew that so they didn’t kill him off. Honestly I feel bad for the guy, he lost his hand to a person who fed it to a crocodile that wants to eat him, and the fact you can’t age in Neverland means that the captain and the crocodile will be chasing each other for all eternity.

Sleeping beauty


I don’t like maleficent, she cruel and petty (to much for me tbh) but she’s just so iconic that you have to like her. Cursing a child because she wasn’t invited to a party, I mean understandable except for the whole curse equation of this issue. When she turns into the dragon all heck brakes loose (which maleficent admits 4 seconds before she turns into the dragon).

One hundred and one Dalmatians

Cruella de vil

I finally remembered her (don’t ask). Probably the most iconic thing from this film is Cruella de vil. She would murder 101 puppies for a single coat, she is a cruel devil (Her name being Cruella De Vil) with no redeemable qualities but that may be what makes her so great. A villain doesn’t need to have any heroic qualities to be evil, they need to be unredeemable and never learn a lesson of pay consequences.

The sword in the stone

Madam mim

This witch is insane. She is the rival of Merlin and enjoys torment and giving pain. She can shape shift and only uses it to break her own rules. There isn’t a lot I can say about her because I haven’t seen the film in multiple years so that’s all I can say, she is insane and she lives up to be an evil rival of Merlin.

The jungle book

King Louie

You probably weren’t expecting king Louie but hear me out he is evil. He kidnaps a child to make fire, which is bad on its own but then here comes the question: what would he do with the fire? If he had to power of man’s red flower then he could be more powerful than shere Kahn and be the ultimate jungle book villain, yet here he is with a fallen plan and one catchy song.


This hypnotic python isn’t a force to be trifled with, he is sssstarving and needssss a bite sssso let him hypnotize the man cub for hissss ssssuper. Anyways kaa is scary and the front face shots don’t make it any better. Sterling Holloway’s only villainous Disney role was executed greatly, because it was his only. He basically sounds like if Winnie the Pooh was evil and a snake.

Shere Kahn
The king of the jungle is shere Kahn, the ferocious man cub eater is shere Kahn, and the one beast who can’t be hypnotized by kaa is, you guessed it, shere Kahn. Honestly they made him seem like a monstrous force, which he was but I was let down a bit, the previous villains in the film were more enjoyable for me than some evil tiger.

The Aristocats

Edgar Balthazar

He worked his full life for Madame Adelaide Bonfamille and then she gives her fortune to the cats instead of her loyal butler. You can’t help but feel a little sorry for poor Edgar. If you worked your entire life and your boss gives all her money to her pets you would be angry. He is probably the least evil villain of them all.

Robin hood

Prince John
The definition of a thumb sucking mama’s boy, prince John is the greedy lion who rules England while his brother is away. He never seemed like a huge threat to me, but his huge and bulky minions do pose a threat to the merry men and their plan, but at least he got his just desserts in the end, after all he is a thumb sucking mama’s boy till the end.

The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh

The heffalumps and woozles

Disney realized that maybe the pink elephants are scary (nearly 36 years later) so they used the heffalumps and woozles from the original book and made them nightmare monsters like the pink elephants. Disney sanitized their own characters to be better and it worked. These characters eat honey, and our lovable Pooh Bear also eats honey so during the segment Pooh must avoid the beasts to save his precious honey.

The rescuers

Madame Medusa

Simply Cruella who instead of loving coats loves diamonds. Fun fact: Cruella was going to be the villain of the rescuers (which would have been awesome). Medusa wants the devils eye diamond but she needs a child to get it, so she kidnaps an orphan, penny, and takes her to her swamp house boat and leaves her in the watch of her bumbling minion/partner, snoops.

The black cauldron

The horned king

Easily the scariest villain of the early 1980s for Disney and one of the scariest. This guy made the black cauldron the first pg Disney film. He seeks the black cauldron so he can control the dead and wreak havoc across the land, but I mean he can do that with his dragons and maybe creeper (okay maybe not).

The great mouse detective


He is the world’s greatest criminal mind, and he is awesome, I say that a lot but it’s true. He is the most stubborn villain who tries not to go over the edge, but he goes insane when basil nearly wins. He is charming and equally evil. His plan was a good on to. And you don’t mess with ratigan, because he will bring out the notorious bell, and his precious Felicia will eat you.

The little mermaid


Ursula is the dreaded sea witch of the ocean, she will help any and all poor unfortunate souls that come to her. She is a,aging, her song, her design, and her personality. She is sassy and proud of it. Her magic is profound and unstoppable. She dreams of being queen of the ocean so she can get back at triton with her eels flotsam and jetsam.

Beauty and the beast


Gaston is burly and brawny and annoying beyond all reason. He boasts and builds himself up to be the ultimate hero, until he tries to kill someone who loves who he loves who doesn’t love him. I can’t say anything good about this sexist villain because he’s too unlikable to me.



The royal vizier of the sultan of Agrabah is jafar, a greedy sorcerer who longs to be sultan and married to princess Jasmine. He is like maleficent to me, he is overused and just unlikable. I don’t know why but it feels that way, either way he turns into a genie and is defeated, he has returned in the film the return of jafar which I haven’t seen.

The lion king

Scar is the brother of mufasa, the king of the pridelands, while scar was second in line to the throne, mufasa had a child and scar plots to kill them both so he can be king. Scar is the ultimate Disney villian, I’ve said this before and I’m not alone in saying he is the greatest Disney villain of all time.

The hunchback of Norte Dame

Judge Claude frollo
I won’t get into this because I don’t want to start a whole religious conversation but frollo sees himself as a good person who is serving god while in actuality he is harming everyone to serve himself. He nearly burned down all of paris to kill a single person who did a few stage tricks and he believes she is a witch (don’t start it this is a joke)



Hades is the comical brother of Zeus (not the evil one from Fantasia), he is a literal and figurative hot head who, shouldn’t be trifled with. Hades rules over the underworld but wants more, he wants to rule Olympus and overthrow his brother who gave him the job of being the ruler of underworld against his will.


Shan yu
Shan yu is the villainous leader of the Huns, he is all talk, but he has a funny bone, a evil funny bone that is. He attempts to kill the emperor of China to do something (much like rescuers I haven’t seen mulan in a bit). He is scary, his size and his eyes can strike fear into his enemies

The emperor’s new groove

Yzma is the old dinosaur who is emperor kuzco’s adviser. She wants to be empress but must kill kuzco. She tries but he is turned into a lama. She has her goon kronk take him out of town and kill him, she doesn’t know kronk keeps him alive. So she has to chase kuzco and Pacha to kill them and rule as empress. Most people agree she is the most comical Disney villain behind hades, I say no and that she is the most comical villain.

Lilo and stitch

Gantu is the captain of the grand council woman’s fleet of ships. He is hunting for stitch to destroy him. If he does not capture him he will be stripped of his duty (which he is). He turns from a villain with sense to a minion over time, and then he becomes a hero in of if like 4 sequels.

Home on the range

Alameda slim

Another villain that holds hypnosis powers and is only remembered for that. Alameda slim is a cattle rustling villain who attempts to own all cattle in the west and sell them for a hefty profit. Imo he’s the only good part of home on the range for me, but you can have you’re own opinions.

Meet the Robinsons

Bowler hat guy (a.k.a goob)

Basically the cgi head of Captain Hook on Jack Skellington’s body, the bowler hat guy is more of a child in an adults body on a revenge streak. He lost a baseball game and wasn’t pleased every since. His orphanage closed down and he was left to rot (for some reason). He isn’t a huge threat but it is nice to see a twist villian go good In the end.

Doris (a.k.a DOR-15)

When you think of a threatening main antagonist you may think of hades, yzma, maleficent, or even the headless horseman, but Doris here probably takes the cake as the most threatening. It can mind control someone, it even did that when it took over the future. I can’t say a whole lot about Doris in the movie because I don’t remember most of its scenes.

The princess and the frog

Dr. Faciler

Dr. Faciler is the voodoo doctor of New Orleans, he can strike up a hard bargain many can’t pass up. Though much like marvel faciler’s deals usually include a soul for a soul. Don’t make a deal with this villain. Also fun fact: he is the first black Disney villain


Mother gothel

She makes being bad look so good, there may be betrayal but it’s worth it. Gothel is the witch who kidnaps baby Rapuenzel to stay young forever. She isn’t the most popular villain but she is still really cool. And her villain song is amazing, but the reprise is better.

Wreck it Ralph

King candy (a.k.a turbo)
King candy is the racer villain of his own game. He jumped from game to game to find one to rule, closing each game one by one. He then found sugar rush and tried to rule it and was successful. In my option he is the only twist villain actually be more of a threat than most others.



I do not like Hans, basically he meets someone who has never fallen in love, soos them then he wants to marry her, she agrees, and then when Anna and Elsa are gone, he takes over the kingdom and leaves to murder elsa. And I don’t think a simple punch in the face would cure that heartbreaking “oh anna, if only there was someone who loved you” when she was literally DYING. I can’t with Hans anymore so I’m moving onto the next villain

Big hero 6

Yokai (a.k.a Robert Callaghan)
His motives are good, he wants to avenge his daughter, but he took it out in the wrong way. He looks scary but on the inside he’s just an old man. I don’t really know what else to say about him, he’s just a twist villain (get ready for more) who has good motives but takes it out poorly.


Dawn Bellwether
Assistant mayor Dawn Bellwether is the predatory prey in the film Zootopia. She wants to keep prey as normal sentient beings and have predators be savage animals. She is probably one of the villains who taught a serious lesson to kids about an important thing: racism, I’m not going to get into a whole conversation about it but I just want to point that out.


Tamatoa is the giant blue crab that lurks in the realm of monsters. He kept Maui’s hook as a treasure on his golden back, until Maui and Moana re claimed it. Personally I find Tamatoa and hook very much alike. Both have lifetime battles with their rivals, both lost one of their limbs to their rivals and seek vengeance. And it helps Tamatoa keeps Maui’s hook (so he can put it where his limb was or something lol :joy:)


Good luck with the rest of the Experimental Age (1999-2009) and after that Revival Era (2010-present)

Really impressive what you already got! Must have taken quite some time :laughing:

If you want I still got some suggestions though. You don’t have to do somethjng with it, but they’re nice side-villians

Smee, the help of hook

Sir Hiss, the snake always at the side of Prince John
And The Sherrif that is nasty and collects too much taxes

Great Disney sequel btw. It’s on Disney+ (at least in my country) and worth the watch. (Although the third one is even better)

Shenzi, Benzi and Ed. The three hyena’s helping Scar take over

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Don’t forget Dr. Hamsterveil! And Leroy, if you want to count him.

Actually I started about 17 hours ago at the most

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I’m trying not to because of reaching the amount of words or letters in a thread

Okay was unaware that excisted, so understandable to leave them out

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…king louie is one of my favorite disney characters…so I’ll have to defend him here.

Yes, he does kidnap mowgil but he shows no signs of actually trying to hurt him, he feeds him a banana, he calls him a cousin, he just wants to be a man like to others!!

So yeah…Louie is not a villain…he is just misunderstood

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Yes but you’re missing the point, if he had fire he could be more powerful than shere Kahn, which is the point you’re missing here


And your point is…yeah, louie could rule the jungle with the power of fire…but he could just want to be seen as a man and remain the same fun-loving king he is as in the movie…haven’t you ever considered that possibility?

Tbh I’d rather keep louie than getting rid of that entire passage. You don’t consider him a villain fine whatever, he has done many villainous things and I’d rather keep my hard work than getting rid of it

Just updated a bit, may add other villains if I have time

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Made thread public

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What’s really neat regarding Villains is that Disney Sorcerer’s Arena has:
Pain & Panic, King Candy, Gantu, Yokai , Cruella De Vil, Namaari, Frollo, Horned King, Mother Gothel, Sher Kahn, Mr. Smee and villains from other films etc. (sorry for spelling and grammar in advance) Why is that exciting? Well, because I have noticed what ever characters they get we get. I’m hoping we get these guys sooner than later. I was really wanting them to give us a major treat for Halloween but I will forgive them if they give us these guys and gals soon. Honestly I don’t play with heroes just villains! To be fair we have characters they don’t.

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