A moment of appreciation for PB

Dear PB team,

In the desire to see DH flourish and prosper, the community can often feel hostile toward you. Always demanding, always criticizing. This is driven by our strong passion and love toward the amazing game you guys have built and maintain extremely well. It is our defensive stance toward the game we so dearly uphold.

Reading through negative feedback month over month can be discouraging. We don’t give you enough credit for the masterpiece you have built. People often forget how much effort the PB team is putting in the game to make it run smoothly and keep it fresh.

Sure there will always be things that need to be ironed out and things to be reworked and improved, but that does not mean we should not take a moment to appreciate everything you have accomplished so far. I hope you never abandon this project as it has the potential to entertain us for many more years to come.

Here a few things I find amazing about Disney Heroes that you and the whole team should be proud of:

  • I have been hardcode gaming for over 25 years and Disney Heroes is hands down one of the most fun and addictive games I’ve had the pleasure to play. I don’t think I’ve missed a single day of playing ever since I started.

  • The game is deceptively simple yet extremely complex. It brings joy to kids and adults alike, from first time players to hardcore gamers. It rewards creative thinking and has endless potential for optimizing your gameplay. There is always something new you can learn even after playing for years.

  • The game has one of the best Free-to-play vs Pay-to-win balance on the market. Whales are not immortal. Just throwing money without learning how to properly play won’t get you very far. You actually have to be good at the game to win. As the newest heroes are usually the strongest, you allow every new player to compete for a top spot.

  • You’ve done an amazing job at balancing the game. Try as you may, you cannot create an unbeatable team. Everything can be defeated with enough thinking. The skill mechanics are fun and engaging and the meta is ever shifting, with the new heroes taking the top spots.

  • The community and player base you have built is amazing. People genuinely try to help each other instead of compete. Thanks to the amazing work you have done there are no language barriers, brining people of all nations together. This is something incredible and worthy of admiration.

I’ll end here, even though there are many more things that can be added above, because you guys at PB are awesome. I hope everyone reading this will take a moment to appreciate all the hard work you have put to make our lives more fun with Disney Heroes :heart:



Not at all, some just know how maths work. :man_shrugging:

That it’s maintained… yes. Extremely well… lol no.

And even then it still can be better…

I hand you this one, but you can make a pretty irritating team that just worsens the game for other players.

Not anymore.

Now this is definitely not true.


I absolutry love DHBM but here are a few criticisms I have

  1. Meta isn’t shifting anytime soon. It’s always an insta kill meta.

  2. Power creep and lack of hero refreshes. I mean, most of our favourite Disney characters like Aladdin, Mulan and Hercules aren’t usable due to that.

More frequent hero refreshes should make it better. And this community is full of awesome hero refresh ideas so PB can get some ideas from here.

  1. Friendship disks are nearly impossible to obtain for newer characters, for beginners. Unless they get power ups in missions

I’ll give the appreciation when it’s due… to the graphics team, well done. And to @loutre and @Nugget for at least giving us some sort of answer when they can and putting up with our demands (even if some still not full-filled like more guild perks)

Overall though as a whole, can’t go more than 70% appreciation until more qol life improvements made in game (ie more guild perks, stop reducing ftn network and contest scoring , increased gold/reduced badge costs, etc)

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Totally agree on most points. Although, the updates slowed down, I don’t mind the current state.

Most app games I try get boring after 10 minutes. I’ve played this game daily for the past 2 years now. If I didn’t have it, I would definitely feel its absence. I am thankful for this game.

Just like Pokémon Go, it helps to focus on dailies and events instead of needing major updates and QoL changes that will never come. Play the game on your own, toned-down terms and you’ll be happy.

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