A New Spammer Problem

Disclaimer: This is not to call anyone out or name and shame, but address a issue and let other forumers and moderators know of the issue who may not be aware. I did put proof of the PMs, but I have hidden it to be respectful to this person, even though they are unkind towards me and other forumers.

We recently got a new spammer this weekend, and thankfully they did not do much damage since the recent change to the forums (topics are not automatically closed). Unfortunately though, they have done a variety of things that not only classifies them as a spammer, but a troll.

First- They created many topics that were both clickbait and to get attention. They were also fake news, stating that certain heroes are coming into the game as well as other features, including themselves. Since then, the topics have been closed or deleted, but that is not the half of it.

Second- They have replied to topics doing what spammers do- being off topic for the majority of it. Some of it was not very nice, including replying on concepts what % likely this character would come into the game. But wait… there is one more thing that is the worst of all.

Third- They have PMed forumers (myself, @big_kahuna_2319, and likely more) and said things that were disrespectful, rude, mean, and frankly abusive. I advise that anyone else who gets these messages to flag them for moderation, so that a moderator is notified. In case you want proof, I will put it below. I hid the details of these PMs to respect this person more and not call them out as much.

Proof of PMs

After a few minutes the person was showing some kindness and actually being positive (at least it looked that way) so I sent them this on that same PM:

And this is what they said in response:

In conclusion, I hope the moderators see this issue and verify the flags from these inconsiderate PMs. To anyone else who has received such messages- please know that these are just rude comments trying to bring you down and feel bad. Do not listen to them. @Polaris - I hope that you are doing well and can address this problem.


As long as they’ve been flagged, Polaris has seen them. Making a topic about it helps exactly no one and encourages them.


I more so created it as a warning for forumers than anything else. It has been at least an hour and the flags have not been verified.

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Yes, and more people who make these topics it is spam as well.

You don’t need to “warn” anyone, this is ridiculous. Just wait for Polaris to ban them and quit giving them attention, for pete’s sake. They’re obviously a troll and this kind of reaction is what they want. If everyone actually listened to Polaris and ignored them, there wouldn’t be a problem.


I am sorry. I got extremely frustrated that I received the PMs and probably should not have said anything, I hope that you do not receive these PMs @PawpsicleSticks and @KayIa.


Yeah this was uncescary but true

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