A potential bulky team

This Is just a team i have been thinking that can be usefull, feel free to tell what you think, if you have an advice i would like to read you. Thanks

dialogue_beast Beast is one of the strongest damage heroes, once he activates his special skill he can tale down the enemy’s team, with his Sulley’s disc he has a increased armor. Almost every team has a Mérida, Jack Sparrow, Ducky and Bunny or other héroes that deals a lot of damage, so wey need a more resistant Beast, so this Is the team i have been thinking that could have a good potential.

Joy Is one of the best support heroes in the game, she increases the team reality by each joy accumulation, making a bulky team, also she can give shields and can heals our team, also with her Olaf’s disc she can increases the armor of the entire team, Anger disc can also usefull to avoid disables.

Wall-E’s role Is basically bring Energy to the entire team. Both disc can be usefull, personally i prefer Kevin’s disc. Wall-E is fragile character but with Joy’s abilities he can resist time enough to help give energy to activate Beast skill.

Hakuna Matata heals the team at the beginning of the battle this can give us momentum and increases the team’s armor. Also with Stitch disc, Timón and Pumba increases the team’s basic damage and ability power and we can activate Hakuna matata again.

The last character you can pick almost any héroe, personally i think Megara can be usefull linking with Beast, if you want a even more resistant team you can use Sally with Yak’s disc, or Rafiki, if you want More damage Ducky and Bunny can take advantage with both discs because of the presence of the other Support and Control team mates.


Um…that is four. Whho did you have in mins for the fifth??

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I think Goofy can be a great tank for the team he heals and protect with shields to the team and the bonus in armor, reality and the Energy can make his last enough to activate his skill and give more movement speed, or if you want more damage Ducky and Bunny can take advantage of both of their disc because their support and control team mates, Peter Pan can be another good option.

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I had the same problem. I gave him health mods of that helps. He can definitely last in battles if you give him all the health mods.

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And with Joy and Timón and Pumba extra armor and reality bonus Wall-E can resist enough to activate solar power at least once.

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I run a team similar to this, with Beast, Joy, Pumba, Megara and I’m still not sure about how to fill the last spot. Lately, it was filled by Bo Peep, but since I’ve been leveling my Randall and he’s so OP, I’m experimenting swapping Bo for him, and maybe, when my Animal is on par with the rest of the team, he could take that spot.

Anyway, with Bo, my team with around 270k power at the time could take on some teams with almost 500k power, so I’d say it actually is quite a bulky team.

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Trust me, he’ll definitely last. Just give him the right stuff. If you need help, PM me, I’ve worked with Wall-E before.

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