A Question about Breaker Quests and Being Outranked

How do you beat the breaker quests while you are outranked and on a lower level? I am waiting to start to start doing invasion until i can figure this out. I am on server 19 TL 63 so I have P1 as my best rank

You probably won’t be able to at the start, but if you just start the fight and immediately retreat, you’ll spend the stamina but won’t have any of your heroes KO’d. Spend 60 stamina, and you’ll get 5 breakers; attack 3 bots (hopefully you’ll have some heroes strong enough to last the full minute against weaker bots, and you can do the same attack-and-retreat tactic against bots that are too strong), and you’ll get enough Boss Tech to buy some Power Ups in the shop. Get some Power Ups for the first few days, and you may get strong enough to beat the wards and then the first few breakers.

(I’m doubtful that you can really do much against bots either with heroes at P1 and level 63; my secondary account with heroes at O0 and around level 100 usually has to attack the weakest bots twice to beat them. You can still get some rewards and get used to the mechanics of invasion, at least.)


Buy powerups to buff up your units.
Also, Invincible + Hex also really helps clearing higher stages.

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sorry for the revive. do you have recommendations for heroes to use in breaker quests for each trial team?

Breaker quests are a bit more flexible than Bot fights so you can pretty much use anyone. Try looking at Aurora Veil’s invasion guides but I do think they focus more on the Bots.

Generally speaking, heroes that do well in City Watch will do well in breakers; that’s a pretty wide selection of heroes to choose from, so it largely depends on who you already have at or near max. A few guidelines:

  1. When powering up your heroes, use the +5 on only two of your Mama bot heroes, at most: usually your main offensive hero, and maybe a secondary offensive hero or a support hero, depending on your team. That way, you’ll have a wide selection of powered-up heroes to choose from for breaker fights, without sacrificing offense against Mama.

  2. Any energy your hero has left at the end of a battle carries over to the next battle, just like City Watch. So it’s helpful to end a battle with everyone charged up if you can manage it; be sparing in your use of Auto, and try to finish off the last one or two heroes of the breaker without using white skills.

  3. On that note, damage heroes that can attack the entire team at once with their white skill and refill their energy bar in the process are extraordinarily valuable for breaker quests; for Red, some good options include Dash, Megavolt, and Pooh. Nick (yellow) and Duke (blue) are probably the best for the other weeks.

  4. You’ll definitely want some healing and defense. For your healer, it’s usually ideal if their white skill can heal most or all of the team, so you’ll be looking at options like Mickey (red), Joy (yellow), or Kristoff & Sven (blue). Heroes that provide constant passive healing, like Miguel (yellow) and Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo (red), can also do well, but it might be nice to have a white-skill healer in reserve, charged up and ready to use in an emergency.

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