A question for you all regarding refreshes?

If y’all’s could pick 3 heroes to instantly be refreshed, who would they be?


  1. Scar
  2. Buzz Lightyear
  3. Mickey Mouse
  1. Alice

  2. Sally

  3. Woody

Alice because she is my favorite character in the game and I like her skill set she just dies so quick and her speed buffs and debuffs are nothing compared to the 85% numbers characters are getting now.

Sally because she also dies to quickly, in general I feel she needs a kind of rework since she is in a weird spot.

Woody is literally the worst support character in the game, none of his skills are useful in anyway and everything about him is so outdated, even his red skill is terrible, probably one of the worst on the game.

  1. Anyone from before 2021
  2. Any other hero from before 2021
  3. A third hero from before 2021

I just really miss actual, for-real refreshes, is what I’m saying.

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