A Recommended team


So in this thread I will talk about a very ideal team. They, in my opinion, are very useful together.


Scar is very powerful, especial with his Queen of Hearts disk. If you can’t unlock the disk then unlock the Maleficent disk, which is good since it lets Scar become invisible on low HP.

  1. So Scar can become invisible for a few 12 seconds at the beginning of every wave, so he is good against enemies who can’t attack all allies at once. If Scar does get attacked while he is invisible, it’s reduced by 75%

  2. “A Matter of Pride” deals 20% more damage every 5% of HP the enemy is missing. So using Quorra’s and Baymax’s skill (like attacking at the beginning of every wave) can help improve this skill big time

  3. Scar’s “A Lion’s Share” can heal Scar 35% of the damage he has done to enemies. With Miguel this helps Scar stay at the top

  4. With Scar’s Queen of Hearts disk he can increase attack speed whenever an ally is K.O.’ed. So if Scar is the last one standing he has a good chance to win the battle for you

Baymax is a really awesome tank and he is good at City Watch if his skill bar is full at the beginning of the battle

  1. He is very OP for a tank. His basic attack does a huge deal of damage. And with “Scan” Baymax always does critical damage whenever an enemy is studied. “Scan” also helps the majority of the team, increasing all normal damage.

  2. Baymax’s shield is very strong. Especially at the beginning of every wave when his Olaf disk is equipped because it does a bonus of freezing enemies. Even his White Skill’s shield is powerful.

  3. Baymax’s “Optimized Armor” reduces critical damage. So the shields may last longer

Emperor Zurg

Sure everyone knows Zurg might be a bad hero to use since he has low HP and low armor. And they are right. But Miguel helps him keep his HP.

  1. Zurg’s “Ion Blaster” is very useful since it only stops whenever he runs out of energy, and his purple skill helps this by giving energy whenever he damage an enemy

  2. His green skill boosts his white skill also when Zurg Xmas area an enemy. And since Ion Blaster does Fantastic Damage it gives Ion Blaster a little boost. So maybe use this skill after he scares an enemy.

  3. His blue skill gives an energy boost to Zurg and an energy unboost (made up word) to enemies

Quorra is OP in most players opinion, in which I agree. She is very good against tanks, which is her purpose actually

  1. Quorra can heal herself with her EVE disk, which heals Quorra a percentage of the critical damage she does, and with Zurg’s scare this boosts the ability

  2. Quorra’s “Disc Spin” is very powerful. 70% damage of an enemies Max HP, sadly this is less OP every since the nerf which limited her to exceed a certain amount of damage

  3. Disc Ricochet is good since you can hit 3 enemies in one move

Overall, Quorra is useful and especially with Zurg, since he can scare enemies, making all Fantastic Damage do critical damage


I know the reason that people choose Miguel over Mickey and I get it… Mickey can do damage. But this doesn’t mean Mickey is necessarily better.

  1. Miguel’s Jessie disk makes Miguel grant attack speed, so more damage can be done. But still I recommend the Elsa disk since, instead of stunning for 6 seconds on Crescendo, it freezes enemies for 12 seconds (at five stars), and it also takes away armor, which is good. It also grants skill power, which is already one of Miguel’s skills but hey, more skill power

  2. Too some Miguel is useless since he can’t do damage but his active does heal and give energy, which benefits this team

So some mods you might want to equip are:

  • Scar with mods that boost skill power and HP

  • Baymax with mods that boost skill power and HP

  • Zurg with mods that boost skill power and HP

  • Quorra with mods that improve skill power and HP

  • Miguel with mods that improve basic damage


Disadvantaged Heroes

Mr. Incredible

Since Quorra’s “Disc Spin” is designed for tanks, Mr. Incredible has a disadvantage since he doesn’t have shields and Quorra’s active can K.O. Mr. Incredible in an instant

Judy Hopps

You gotta agree Judy has bad HP, that’s why she can revive. Since Judy has bad HP you can K.O. her with Zurg’s active, but not when he is slowed by Judy’s active


Sure Megara sits in the back as a damsel in distress well since Baymax and Quorra can damage her at the beginning of the wave, Megara can lose HP. With Scar’s skill where he does more the damage the more HP an enemy is missing, he can K.O. Megara with his active.

Heroes with an advantage

Let’s see… oh oh Zurg is already dead. Thanks a lot Aladdin, Magic Carpet helped you a lot. Aladdin can do a lot of damage with his Purple Skill and since he gets a jump in front of tanks, Zurg is done for

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter can charm the 3 frontmost allies in this team which are Scar, Baymax, and Quorra. Also since Mad Hatter is immune to debuffs, studying or scaring him wont to anything to help you. And Miguel’s Crescendo won’t help either since he can’t stun him.


Moana can easily jump in the center of this team and defeat all your heroes since her basic attack is powerful and she increases attack speed whenever she uses her active

I expect many critics from this but still I hope you liked it give me advice on what I could do better and please don’t make your comments seem like you want to start an argument.

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From my experience Zurg rarely scares - most often he gathers enough energy from Energy Heist and taking damage before using his shout. Thus, you basically have no scarer in that lineup and that’s pretty bad.

Quorra could use someone with a knocback to really wreck havoc.

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Actually Zurg scares many times. I’ve used him in battle so many times and I’ve seen him scared enemies 5 times per battle.


How many times does he when you have auto on though??


If you ask me, the main trio I use is Rex, Sulley, and Maleficent.

Use Rex’s white skill to shove all enemies back until they’re in a straight line. Use Sulley’s white to deal some heavy damage and get them Scared. Then, use Maleficent’s white. Boom, at least a few enemies are dead. Sulley’s Scare boosts the damage dealt by the dragon, and as the enemies are all in the backline, it hits almost every enemy, which pretty much vaporizes backline/low HP enemies, while also cutting down the Tanks by a sizeable degree.


Zurg scaring enemies isn’t his active. I said he scares 5 times


I know. But in the arena, the active activates immediately :wink:

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No it doesn’t


The white skill activates ASAP when in arena unless the character is stunned, silenced, charmed, etc.

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It really doesn’t :disappointed_relieved:



Now I know what you mean. You mean whenever the energy bar is full! I thought you meant at the beginning of every battle


…oh. Well, glad you figured it out. I was about to gp get screenshots and all…

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