A regular fish out of water (Ariel remastered character concept)

Name: Ariel

Quote: “I’ve never seen a human this close before.”

Description: Ariel sings her song to help her team as waves splash at the enemies.

Appearance: Ariel will be in her mermaid form. Her appearance will be similar to Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo’s. She will have her own rock and water source.

Role: Control

Position: Mid

Stars: :star::star:

Team: Blue

Basic Attack: Ariel throws a thingamabob at the enemies.

Entrance: Her water source and the rock glitched to appearance as Ariel comes out of the water.
Victory: Ariel combs her hair with a fork.
Defeat: Ariel folds her arms and sighs.
White Skill: Singing Along
Ariel sings to heal all her allies X HP and charming the closest enemy for X seconds.
Green Skill: Wave Splash
:sparkles:Fantastic Damage
Ariel sings as waves came splashing at three of the closest enemies, dealing knockback and X damage.
Blue Skill: Ocean Opera
Ariel brings in Sebastian so Sebastian can conduct his song. This grants Ariel X reality and X skill power and will silence all enemies for X seconds.
Purple Skill: Part Of The World
Enemies damaged by “Wave Splash” will also decrease their attack speed and basic damage by X% for X seconds.
Red Skill: Collection Finds
Every time Ariel charms an enemy, she gains X Max HP. And enemies charmed by Ariel will lose X armor and X Max HP till their charm duration is over.

Additional Boosts:

  • +X Max HP
  • +X Skill Power
  • +X HP gain to allies in “Singing Along”

Underwater Empire
Allies: Moana, Tia Dalma, Peter Pan
“Singing Along” Removes Debuffs

  • +X Max HP
  • “Singing Along” removes any active debuff that Ariel has, instead healing herself X HP

Ariel/Hank & Dory
What’s That Word Again?
Allies: Ursula, Sulley & Boo, Belle
“Ocean Opera” Boost Allies

  • +X Skill Power
  • “Ocean Opera” grants allies X energy
  • “Ocean Opera” increases allies’ skill power and attack speed by X% for X seconds


Reworked Concepts: I reworked a few of my old concepts like adding skill pics, red skills, updating friendship discs, and more. Check them out by tapping/clicking on their images:
image image image image
Upcoming Concepts:

  • Unlikely Concept
  • Basil Of Baker Street
  • Miss Bianca, Bernard, & Wilbur
  • Lock, Shock, & Barrel

Any feedback? I hope you liked it!


Percentages, seconds, and energy amounts shouldn’t be showed by X. X is meant to represent a number that changes as the skill is leveled up. Not bad though.


Amazing concept! Loved it :+1::slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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I know the charthers naruto uzumaki garfiled roger rabbit and mater if the developing on mcqueen and mater is true then they could be coming very soon and lets just say and its m and m 2 unlikeley and 2 concepts who framed roger rabbit is a disney movie so roger rabbit could come

Um… they are just reworked concepts… of course characters like Naruto and Garfield have 0% chance to come.

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