A Remarkable Head for the Disembodied

Madame Leota


Source: The Haunted Mansion

Role: Control

Position: Back

“Serpents, spiders, tail of a rat; call in the spirits, wherever they’re at.”

With her ghostly instruments, Madam Leota assembles spirits to bring a swinging wake to her enemies.

Entrance: Leota floats in are her tables

Victory: Her musical intrument play a fanfare as she sighs contentedly

Defeat: Madame Leota falls off the table

Basic Attack: throws one on her instruments

White Skill: Grim Grinning Ghost: Leota recites an incantation as her intrument play full blast, and a random debuff is added to a enemy

Green Skill: Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts: Leota shakes her tambourine which summons the hitchhiking ghosts, which controls enemies

Blue Skill: Til Death Do Us Part: When Leota is defeated, The Hatbox Ghost appears and teleport her head back on the table


Purple Skill: Happy Haunts: Grim Grinning Ghost give a random buff to an ally


Jack Skellington


Campaign: A Haunted City: Madam Leota helps Jack turns the city into a haunted city for Halloween.

Disk: Premature Fright: skills add scare debuff

Dr. Facilier


Campaign: A Shadow of Doubt: When rambunctious shadows escape the Other Side and wreak havoc, Dr. Facilier and Madam Leota team up to get them back

Disk: Always My Way: Basic Attack adds curse debuff


Yes another haunted mansion hero concept

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