A speedy blue bird

Road runner
3 star,frontline,control

Bio:as fast as they come,road runner speeds into enemies while decreasing their speed as well

Quote:“beep beep”

Basic attack:uses his beak

Entrance:runs in

Victory:jumps up and says beep beep

Defeat:runs away


White:full speed

Road runner speeds past enemies which damages them for x amount and takes away 25% of enemies attack speed for x seconds

Green:free bird seed

At the start of every wave,small piles of bird seed are randomly placed that only allies can step on which heals them for x amount.

Blue:left in the dust

Road runner turns around and pretends to start running which creates a dust trail behind him which blinds enemies for x seconds

Purple:bird speed

Allies now gains 25% attack speed when stepping on piles of bird seed.


Road runner/dash
Fastest around
Left in the dustnow decreases armor

Road runners “left in the dust” skill now decreases the enemies armor

Road runner/daffy duck
Looney like the toons
More useful towards support allies

Road runner now gives support allies 30% attack speed per star

Lola bunny/road runner(coming soon)
Bunny ball

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  • Skillset makes Road Runner a Control rather than a Damage Hero.

  • White Skill looks like a good Skill

  • Green Skill is a discount HD&L’s Green Skill. Although it looks like a good advantage, it won’t do much when you do the first wave, Surge, Guild War, Coli, Arena, etc.

  • Blue Skill doesn’t make that much sense. How does pretending to run create a dust trail?

  • Purple Skill is a mildly underwhelming Skill.

  • Dash’s Disc is a good thought but it feels like a discount Mr. Inc’s [El] Disc.

  • Daffy’s Disc doesn’t seem to make sense. Is this a passive buff? How much will it increase per star?

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Disney doesn’t own Road runner. that’s Warner Bros. property.

It doesn’t matter anymore @Phantom as per @Polaris now ALL concepts Disney or non-Disney are All posted in this green category please read the categories heading.

Just saying.

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