A Spin to Win

Hello thinking it would be enjoyable adding a spin the wheel,much like price is right. Say you win a war and a ticket to spin the wheel, the character you choose, spins and power matters and prizes includes a variety of things, gold, diamonds,raid tickets,lvl up xp, costumes, diamond crates,and a mystery spot for badges and pieces.


Isn’t this pretty much what crates already are :thinking: it would just be a reskin with a different UI.

A crate with some of the aforementioned items might be interesting, though.


already suggested

well, not really, depends on context, unlikely it will be 100% same.

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My suggestion would allow More unattainable items to become collected, the creates are great but I don’t use credit card or buy items. This way also it makes it a incentive in making your favorite character stronger.

The creates also only give so much and the wheel could provide a faster means of lvl ups or adding costumes collections ,and ect. It could be added in a update I’ve done work for Mugen and I believe today’s tech has no prob.

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